Good luck ZLS23

Hi hun,

I know you have your scan tomorrow and wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for good news.

If you feel up to it, please come and let us know how you get and remember we are here regardless of the outcome.

Sending you lots of hugs



  • ditto Z, will be thinking of you. xxx
  • good luck huni, will be thinking of you xxx
  • Ahhhh just spotted this post. Thank you so much Rainbow, means a lot to us to have all your well wishes. I'm really touched. Am getting more scared by the minute and don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, just glad scan is 8.30am and not any later. Will post as soon as possible. Thanks again... Zxxx
  • Hi Ladies, well we went back to hospital this morning for our scan. Althought appt was for 8.30, we didn't actually have the scan until 9.30.

    Anyway....she did an eternal scan and found a 3mm fetal pole in a gestational sac measuring 24 x 16 x 10mm, which has changed shape as could be expected around the 6-7 week mark. This is a new development, as last Sat at private scan, they could only see the yolk sac. The sonographer didn't seem overly concerned even though our dates are so out, but the midwife said in her opinion, it wasn't looking good still. Standard pratice is if the fetal pole is under 6mm, they have to rescan to check for development. So we have to go back in 10 days time, week on Monday, and should then get a conclusive answer.

    We got home, only to find a letter with our 12 week scan date - great timing!!!!!!!!! Not sure what we are feeling at the moment, could this be a glimmer of hope, we just don't know, all we have said is that after this last week, which has been soooo emotional, that we are going to change our mindset and think positive thoughts, regardless.

    Hubby questions if the pregnancy was not viable, would the gestational sac not be bigger and would there have been fetal pole development at this stage?

    Again, thanks to you all for your ongoing support, it has been a great help for both of us. Zxx
  • Ahhh hun, I'm so pleased that it wasn't bad news but I just feel so awful for you that you are still in limbo about what's going on! But as you said, you've just got to stay positive and you know we've all got our fingers crossed for you xxxxx
  • Hi ZLS23. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck and send you a big hug. I know how horrible it is to be left in limbo, I was in your position last week. Unfortunatly my tale does not have a happy ending as I had an ERPC on Tuesday, however the beginning of my story was different too, so please don't let my situation make you loose hope. Last week I spent a lot of time googling to find stories of other girls who were left in limbo and many turned out to have happy endings, so try to stay positive. Fingers crossed for you, good luck x x
  • hello ZLS23,

    Im so sorry you're in limbo. keep thinking positive (I know easier said than done) I really hope the next 10 days go really fast for you, and you get a happy ending.

    fingers crossed for you hun,


    x x x
  • Thinking of you with my fingers crossed

    Good luck

  • Aww sweetie, what a horrible position to be in, I have absolutley everything crossed for you.

    Lots of hugs to you and Mr Z

  • Thanks ladies..... Zxx
  • Bubabear - thanks for your reply. I remember you from DIO, and we talked about your forthcoming wedding, was sooo sorry to read of your story, not sure what to say except being on here has helped me so far, if only to have a little rant, or read people's nice comments, would like to stay in touch with you via here.

    STG83 - thanks for keeping those fingers crossed, means a lot. I hope you are doing ok at the moment?

  • HI Z, yeah I remember our chat about my wedding in DIO. Well wedding was a month ago today and although it seems much longer ago than that after everything that happened it was the most amazing and happiest day of my life. I love looking at photos and knowing that our bean shared our happiest day and we will never forget him. I agree about the support on here, I couldn't have got throught the last coupke of weeks without this site. Would like to stay in touch too via this site but lets hope you don't join us in this forum. Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed. x x
  • Hi bubabear, thanks for your reply. We only got married in Sept, so just 6 months ago, it was the happiest day of my life too. I think its a lovely thought that your little bean shared your special day. Please take care, keep strong, and will stay in touch for sure. Zoe xxx
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