some more symptoms

Hi everyone,

well im between 11DPO to 8DPO as im unsure as to the actual day I ovulated last week.

I was at a wedding yesterday and I did half a dance and the room started spinning and I felt dizzy.

I never experience this, so wondered could this be a sign so early on that im pregnant?

I have also been having lower back pain and twinges in my uterus, had twinges for about 3 days.

I so want this to be mny BFP but im scared if I test yet it will be a BFN.. i think its maybe too soon.


  • ?? no one sure..
    im driving myself insane wondering am I, aren't I..

    why could pregnancy not be simple for us aye.. MC has ruined all the excitement of getting pregnant for me.

  • Hi

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you have conceived image I guess you won't know for sure until your AF is due and you can then test. Just before I found out I was pregnant, my symptoms were kind of similar to what you would get before AF and so the only thing that made me wonder if I was, before I'd tested, was that my sense of smell had changed, although I got implantation bleeding (more of a tiny, tiny spot), but at that point I thought it was AF arriving.

    I MC'd around the same time as you I think (beginning of June) and am not getting my hopes up too much that it will happen immediately and I think I'm ok with that. It would be great if it happens for you so quickly, but try not too get your hopes up too much, as it will be further to fall if you're disappointed and will make it all the more stressful. It will happen again, but I think we just have to be patient and not get too stressed about it, which won't be good whether we are or are not pregnant.

    Good luck with it x
  • I have been having the same sort of feelings. I am only about 6DPO, really early, but today I have been getting little stabbing pains really low down on my right side, were my uterus is!!!!!!!! No idea what it is, it is on and off all day, like every hour or so.

    When I fell PG first time I had no symptoms what so ever until about a week after my BFP, not sure if my MC has made my body super sensitive, I feel every little twinge at the moment. I didn't get anything last time, no sore boobs, no twinges no nothing. I know it is way to early to get symptoms, but just wondering what these twinges are, some of them have taken my breath away, really stabbing, others are tiny little twinges???????????????????????
  • Hi 3054, i believe the twinges can come from the egg implanting in the uterus as this can take about 4 days to a week to successfully implant.
    today I have been dizzy again, very hot, tired and irritable. felt twinges again this evening, no idea what is going on!! as I did a HPT this morning and it was negative image but Im holding on to fact i might not have enough HCG in urine to be read yet as it needs to be 25ml to be read I think but in first weeks it might only be 5ml.

    im not going to test again until the 8th July.. i think my AF is due that week so might get a proper reading, if nothing then im going to doctor as im sick of waiting LOL..

    good luck hun, hope its your BFP.
  • Good luck, symptom spotting can do your head in can't it!! lol. Zxx
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