Good luck for tomorrow ZLS23 :\)

I'm pretty sure that you have your follow up scan and tomorrow and wanted to let you know that I have absolutley everything crossed for good news sweetie.

Lots of hugs and will be thinking of you, if you can try and let us know how you get on.

Lots of love to you and Mr Z



  • Yes good luck, i will be thinking of you tommorrow

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck to you. x x
  • Good luck huni x
  • Good luck huni x
  • Yes, good luck. I'll be thinking of you and have everything crossed xxx
  • Hi Rainbow and all you other lovely ladies. Thanks so much for this post, means a lot. Yep, our scan is 8.45am tomorow morning. I'm kinda feeling a funny sense of numb calm....guess I am pretty much prepared for the worse, but still have a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope deep inside. Anyway, will post outcome as soon as poss. Thanks again. Z and Mr Z. xx
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world and keeping everything crossed for you both. You know where we are xxxxx Leanne xxxxxxxxxx
  • Thinking of you and will be saying a prayer tonight... best of luck.

    Hannah xx
  • Got fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow, good luck xx
  • All the luck in the world sent your way to the both of you!!!
  • Hope everything went well for you at the scan image
  • Hi Hun,

    I know you would have it by now, and if you're reading but not wishing to post that's fine, just wanted to send you my love regardless of the outcome

  • Hi, well we went back for our scan today, and unfortunately there has been no development, so I am booked in on Wednesday for an ERPC. We are gutted. We would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and support and we hope you all have happy and healthy bubba's in the future.

    No doubt at some point I will be on here again, asking advice or having a rant!! Thanks again. Zxx
  • Aww Z I'm so so sorry hun, I know that no words at this awful time will be of any comfort to you. Please remember that we are all here for you, for whatever support you may need.

    Lots of hugs to you at this sh!tty time

  • So sorry to read this Z - my thoughts are with you and MrZ
  • aw sweetie I am so sorry to read your update image

    try and stay strong, lean on hubs and the wonderful girls on here who will be able to support you,

    love and hugs, MrsH xx
  • so sorry to hear that, hope you are your hubbie are ok.

    Stay strong, I know it is really hard but you will get through it, you just need to talk and support each other xx

    L x
  • So sorry to hear your update. Will be thinking about you on wednesday. As the other girls said stay strong and keeping talking to each other. My advice would be to not rush your recovery (emotionally and physically but for me the hardest was emotinally) and that whatever you are feeling is ok. Anytime you need a rant, moan or company come you know where we all are and although none of us can make things better we all, sadly understand.

    Big Hugs
    Andi x
  • Thanks ladies for all your comments. Its good to know we are all there for each other.Zxx
  • Im so sorry to hear what happened, I had an ERPC too and will be thinking of you on Wednesday, if you need to talk afterwards we are all hear for you

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