We havent done it this month....

Cause you have to have sex to get pg!!!

Been following SMEP, oh went out Fri night which was fine but Sat we shouldve got around to bd & didnt as were both so tired, I'd had some ewcm during the day so was disapointed as knew that I must be due to ov soon but thought well we can get to it Sunday.

Sun morning I got my 1st peak & was very excited but oh wouldnt bd as was still tired so thought well I'll catch him in bed later & again he didnt want to bd we ended up having an argument & he went to sleep & I sat in bed crying!!

So Sat ewcm & no bd, Sun 1st peak, ov pain & no bd & Mon 2nd peak & we havent had sex since Thursday night!!

I feel very upset & angry at my oh I know he was tired & im probably being selfish but having sex all month & then missing out the most important days has just pissed me right off!!!

Sorry for the rant but up until yesterday evening I had some PMA & now it's gone cause I know we cant have done it.


  • Aww hun, sorry you're feeling like this, but you never know, so don't give up just yet.

    Firstly, his swimmers can stay alive for 5 days which takes it up to tomorrow night, secondly you're egg is still likely to be with now so you may catch it later if you BD.

    Chin up hun, treat yourself to some lovely chocolate!

  • Thanks hun I just feel like we havent covered all bases!!! I know sperm can live for up to 5 days but that's in good conditions, If we couldve bd sat or even yesterday I wouldve felt happier but I know once your egg is released it only has a few hours to be fertilised!!

    I cant bear the thought of not doing it this cycle I feel so upset, i've wasted a pack of cbfm sticks now. We had agreed to try this month & then wait 1 month as were going on holiday in April & oh would rather me be further along whilst abroad & doesnt want me flying before 12wks.

    He's just rang me to aplogise cause he knew I was upset & I feel a bit stupid that he's apologising for not having sex with me but I cant bear the thought of having to wait, no one else will understand except you girls, when you've been ttc for 16 months & had 4 mc every month feels like a lifetime!! xxx
  • Hi babe. Oh I know how that one feels... Boys! they don't get it do they - and then they apologise after!! image Try to be patient hun and hurry up and get him tonight - no excuses!!!! xxx
  • Aw hun, don't feel stupid for him apologising as he needs to know how you feel and how the lack of action has affected you.

    How do you feel about flying under 12wks pg? Is this something that you could reconsider at all? What time does OH get back today? Is there no way you might be able to catch it?

  • The thing with flying is that even though we know that lots of people do it & theres no medical reason why you cant, for us there has been too many coincidences, with our 1st mmc I flew without knowing I was pg then lost the baby & the mmc in Aug the baby died the day we flew home!!

    Oh thinks he will get back at a reasonable time today, im holding out some hope that if we do it later then the little eggy will be able to survive long enough for his swimmers but it we wouldve had more chance had we done it a day before ov!! xx
  • I know how you feel, when those ov signs come along it feels like a must to bd. I know how frustrated I get if it doesn't happen. I've had very similiar arguments with hubby. But, you may still be in with a chance from before and I would still go for it today!
    I know that it's frustrationg missing the prime days. You're so right in saying the month feels like alife time!
    x x x
  • I also know exactly how you feel. Last month we were both too tired to BD on the post-peak high you get with CBFM and I was really upset with myself and felt we had missed a chance. As you know from my other post my AF arrived on Fri and I totally agree with you that a month seems like a lifetime when you are desperate to get BFP again. It's just as we want it soooo much. I agree with the others that you are still in with a chance if you go for it later though.
  • Thanks ladies, will have a go tonight & hope for the best xxx
  • Aww Laura, I know what you mean about it seeming like forever! Thing is, men just don't seem to get it. For them it is just another day but for us it is the most important day of the month. I don;t blame you for being angry - I would have been absolutely tamping!

    I was thinking the other day that it has been only 4 months since my mmc but it seems like years. And yet in many ways it is still as fresh in my memory as if it happened yesterday.
  • Thanks M&S, I have been livid all day!!! It's bad what ttc does to you really, im angry cause my oh wouldnt have sex with me!! To other people that would sound silly. But this month has been important it's the 1st month i've seen ewcm cant remember the last time I got it, had a peak & ov pain at the same time & had PMA that it was gona be our month!!! And now it's all gone!! xxx
  • hey hunny, i totally get how u feel! i cried once after the first cycle after my mc when hubby wasn't interested! and we fell out too, i now no longer tell him when the good time is so he doesn't feel used!!! sorry you feel this way hun xxx
  • Sending you hugs hun!!

    Men hey - sometimes they don't have a clue, mine included image

    It's been a long old slog hun but your BFP is on it's way hun, I know it.

  • Me neither Laujai

    Sympathise with the arguing! So fed up with hubby this month, he can stay awake to watch the sports channel until really late, gets into bed and starts snoring his head off within 30 seconds...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    Thinking of taking the plug off the tv!

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks girls.

    I felt like I was being stupid about being angry that he wouldnt give me any!!!.

    Cant worry about it now whats done is done, so we done it last night instead, used pre-seed & sorry tmi but had the big O as he did in an attempt to help those swimmers to there destination a bit quicker!!! (more tmi) Luckily didnt have much leakage so im hoping that my little eggy was still ripe & waiting for his boys. Got a high today, I noticed the lines on the poas were the same colour not sure you can look at that but it's given me a bit of hope.

    thanks for listening to me ranting on about it xxx
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