not sure how I feel

(tmi alert)
It is all over. Bleeding has become to heavy, think I lost the big clot as well. I am feeling terrible. For some reason I hate the smell of it, is that normal? I am having an appointment with the nurse at the surgery on monday and I need to bring a urine sample, so guess she will test that for infections at the same time.

I might take a little break from BE. I must say that I am very happy for all you ladies that get a bfp, but at the same time it reminds me that I have had 3 now in a row and no pregnancy. I am slightly jaleous, I must admit. I will probably be back towards the end of cycle. l can never really stay away.

I am gonna try to loose some weight in the meantime, drink enough and keeping my pregnancy vitamins coming. Oh is cutting out caffeine, and taking men vitamins, so that might make a difference. Still unsure if I want to get pregnant again. This is another reason to fight between us. I am so tired, I am down again and my oh doesn't know how to deal with it. So he lookds for fights again.

I am close to tears again, I want to get pregnant so badly, I want another bbay so badly, but it doesn't seem to work. And all I get from a doctor is that it needs to happen a few more times before we get some test, to stay away from sensitive tests and not to worry.


  • Hi breighlin

    Sorry to hear your feeling down. I know how you feel as i'm sure most of the other girls on here do as well. Maybe a little break is what you need. I keep thinking that myself. Just wish I could stay away and try not and get too stressed out.

    I feel the same when coming on here, its very difficult when other people are getting there BFP and i'm not one of them. Also was at a family party on sat with hubby pregnant cousin. Its hard not to be envious. But fingers crossed it will happen to all of us soon.

    Keep ya chin up and try and keep yourself busy doing nice things over easter. I'm working myself. xx
  • big hugs to you hun! image its really gutting seeing all these bfps! happy for them but i know what you mean by jelous! it will happen tho just have to find the right time.. happens for a reason apparently and i do kinda beleve this theory. stay strong, have a relaxed break and talk 2 your partner... no need to fght hun cos it gets nowhere. hope you come back a lil more postive image xx
  • Oh honey, I don't know what to say. I know it is hard for your oh to understand what it's like for you, but he shouldn't pick fights with you, it won't help. Perhaps you could try Relate? You have been through so much and have been so down lately.

    Big hugs xxx
  • Hi there dear,

    Really sorry to hear about what your going through... this ttc thing is the hardest!!! I've had 2 mmc in a row and also want a baby desperately! DH and i have decided to keep busy and keep trying coz if i dont i'll go out of my mind!!
    Hope you have a good bank holiday and get some results when you go in to see the nurse...

    Loads of hugs babe!
  • ((((hugs))))
    So sorry to hear this hun and I am sorry hubs is adding to your upset, do you think he is perhaps finding it difficult to cope with too??
    Sending you both my love xx
  • Well I have now had light bleeding on monday, not heavy enough for a period. Light bleeding during the night, slightly heavier on tuesday. Lost some clots on tuesday. But than it stopped over night, very light this morning. There is nothing on a pad, but there is when wiping and some in the toilet.

    All in all it is a lot lighter than a period and I have no idea why. Thought it would be heavier than a period not lighter. No pain or anything as of yet, just some period cramps.
  • Ok bleeding almost stopped. I have been up all night and I am so tired. I had the runs and I have been sick a few times as well. I said to my oh if I didn't had start bleeding I would have thought I would still be pregnant. But I have a little temperature as well, went straight up this morning. I feel awfull and still have the feeling nothing will stay in. It can not really be anything I ate yesterday, but we will see how it goes today. MIL is coming today to pick lo up so I can have some rest. Don't see how I can look after lo whilst feeling like this. Gonna try to eat some toast now, seeing if that stays down.

    Wish I was not thinking that I was still pregnant, it is impossible, but why does my brain that not wanting to understand? Keep hoping even though I know it is not true.
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