Im scared

Does anyone here have a physical job, coz my job is physical and im worried if i get pregnant again
im going to hurt the baby...

i know i shouldnt worry about it now. and i know everything will happen when it is meant to... i just wanted to know if anyone else here have physical jobs

thank you for reading


  • Hey hon,

    What do you do? I work as a nurse in operating theatres and so my job is fairly physical - on my feet for 9 hours a day, transfering patients from operating table to bed etc. When I was pregnant before I told my colleagues at about 8 weeks so that they could help to keep me and the baby safe - I was stopped from doing any lifting, they made sure I got regular breaks and I wasn't allowed to work in situations that could potentially cause me or the baby harm - e.g. using X-rays, being near any toxic chemicals etc

    This was what worked for me and I would recommend it to others in a similar situation.I found that people were really supportive and tended to rally round to take care of me!

    And contrary to what people might think, it was a huge support having people at work know I was pregnant when I had the mc, it meant people were more sensitive around me and gave me time to get over it.

    Hope this helps a bit xxx
  • when i was pregnant with my son i was a carer for the first 12 weeks in a home that really didn't give a damn about me or my baby, i walked out just before 12 weeks when they wanted me to lift a HUGE woman onto the toilet by myself, the senior on duty said to me "it's not an illness, you're only pregnant" when i refused. i was working 12 hour shifts 5 days a week and it was really hard going...i had no problems at all! now i'm in a fairly easy going job and having loads of problems, if it's meant to be it will be x
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