Soooooooo relaxed...........

Hi girls sorry not been on in a while, have been really chilling out and getting back to enjoying ttc again!!!! No ida what cd I am on, no idea about ov or dpo or anything else, and my god I feel so much better for the not knowing. We are just bd every other night and having fun again. I feel so much more relaxed not worrying about positive ov tests and cycle days etc etc, and time seems to be flying past, really enjoying this new relaxed approach but bd every other night is getting hard!!!!!! Dh is enjoying it though, I can defo recommend the relaxed approach........ Hope everyone is well and we see some bfp's this month.....:lol:


  • Good luck Hun. Sometimes the relaxed approach is best fir nature to take it's course. X
  • Sounds like you've got the right idea. I also have no clue as to CD days, OV days etc after MC, actually tbh never had a clue. Just trying to relax and see what happens. (have to be honest, I still think about it a lot, but thats a secret) Good luck to you, Tracy xxx
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