AF is here, yippeeeeeee

I know this sounds stupid as I have never ever wished my period would arrive so much as I have this month since my MC 5 weeks ago. You may remember I posted last week about not getting my period, and hoping that I could be pregnant. Well, although obviously I'm not pregnant, I somehow feel releived that my period has finally arrived so that I know that my body is back to "normal" again after the MC. So me and my hubby can concentrate on TTC again... We were lucky that I caught on the first cycle last time I was pregnant, so fingers cross I am luck enough to conceive quickly again this time and that babyrb sticks!!!!

I feel daft to be feeling releived, but at least I can put a full stop on this whole shitty experience and concentrate on trying for our much-wanted baby again. I know I'll make a good mum, and my hubby will be a fantastic daddy, so the only way is up from now on!!

I love coming to this forum, even though I don't post a lot I've read some really inspiring posts and you lovely ladies have helped me through some really really rough weeks since the MC so thank you....

Good luck to everyone else who is TTC, lets see how many BFP's we can get before Christmas!! :lol:



  • hehe there must've been something in the water this weekend, there's quite a few of us who have first af after mc. Glad to see you're feeling better and starting to be able to move on. Race you to xmas bfp!!! xxx
  • hi lisarb--feel exactly like u--i can feel pains like AF is on its way and i onlly had my D&c about 19 days ago---would love to be pregnant but also wouldnt mind just gettin my af back and gettin bak 2 normal --i also got preg first time trying --hope it wil be easy this time tooo....xx
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