you lot that use the god of cbfm!

ha ha, just wondering if anyone else gets highs from cd8-10ish? if do how long are your cycles normally and when do you normally ov? Thanks! xx image


  • hey, i have used it 4 2 cycles, i got high both times right from day 8 to day 17 which is when i would ovualte xx
  • ooohhh thanks sally, do you get a peak then on cd17? have been concerned as this has happened for 3 cycles now and has NEVER done it b4! not since my mmc or the cycle i used it last year that resulted in my bfp either!!! :-S xx
  • yes i got my peak on cd17 one cycle and cd18 on the other, have only used my monitor twice but got my bfp on 2nd cycle xxx
  • Me! I was told to poas from cd6 and would get a high from cd8. My peak varied from cd14 to cd17, then on my bfp cycle it was peak on cd11. My cycles were a little erratic and I didn't seem to get my af exactly 14 days after ov, which was irritating.

    Hope the cbfm does its magic for you sweetpie xxxSara
  • me too! my first cycle on it I had highs from cd8 right up to my peaks on 17&18, it's settled this month though and only gave me 3 highs before my peaks.

    Hope it lives up to it's rep for both of us this month!!! x
  • I use it too, and also have to start POAS on CD 6, with often only 1 peak day on either CD 11 or CD12. This month I had two whole peak days on 11 AND 12!!! Whoo-hoo!!! One peak day feels like a very short window of opportunity! Hope it brings you luck xxx
  • thanks guys! it did 1st time round but obv had mmc so hopng it gets it's butt in gear for 2nd time luck very soon!!!! xx
  • Hey there this is my 2nd cycle using CBFM. I get highs from CD6 then peaks on CD10 and 11!! I don't mind getting the peak so early it's just that it seems for ever to wait to get AF on CD28 lol!!!!
  • I'm on my first month, on day 10 and still low. Can't wait to get a high and peak!!
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