Hello ladies, im back with a bit of news...UPDATED

Im pregnant!!!

After saying this month we wernt trying & we certainly didnt as we only managed to do the business once about 4 days after ov due to us both being so tired.

Im due AF on Mon & yesterday & today my boobs have been killing me & nips have got bigger, woke up today & something told me to do a test, so got my pot & done a FR & the line has come up the min the pee hit the stick!!! So then done a CB to check as didnt beleive it & the same thing happened!!!

I havent even told my oh yet he's at work, and I am bricking it, this will be my 5th pg & the reason we wernt trying this month was cause of going on our hols in April we decided best to wait till after, also have a hysteroscopy booked for end of April.

Im sorry but I dont even feel excited at the moment im in complete shock & just had to talk to someone about it.


Thanks for all your lovely msgs ladies, it's sunk in a bit more today so thought I'd share some pics of those lovely pink & blue lines & the magical words, hope no one minds or doesnt upset anyone. I've just added a link as can never seem to get them up on the screen LOL xxx


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  • Oh Laura I saw this on the homepage and just knew it was you who had posted!

    I know you must be feeling so scared right now but keep believing - this baby just might be the one for keeps :\)

    I will be keeping my fingers SO tightly crossed for you and will keep popping in to see how you're getting on.

    Whispering congratulations!

    Lots of love, NN xxx
  • oh my goodness, sorry to G/C but saw this on the homepage. Will whisper congratulations for now as can completely appreciate your apprehension right now but just wanted to say im all lit up inside for you and pray this one will be a sticky bean xxxxxxxx

    Looks like we'll be in DIN together, too! Here's to a pair of very very sticky beans image

    I'm ridiculously excited for you so don't worry about not being excited! I thought about you when I was posting my bfp and wondering how things were with you. I'm over the moon. You so deserve this!

    Do you have any idea of an EDD?

    x x x
  • Oh my god laujai thts brilliant!
    theres a few of us this morning who must be due around the same time!
    Huge congratulations1
    Annette xxx
  • Hi ya laujai

    I've just let out a "yeah!!!!" and I've got tears I'm so happy for u x

    Can completely understand ur feelings Hun, but i am praying with all of my heart that this is your time now hunny x when is ur oh back from work?

    Big hugs and a whisper of congratulations x x x

    Lots of love

    Pb x x x
  • Ladies im bloody confused im talking to my friend & just realised that im not due on till the 20th!!! What the hell is going on!!! xx
  • Thats strange. When was your last af?
  • Annette, congrats hun, replying in Ltttc.

    Thanks everyone else for such lovely msgs, bec congrats to you too hun.

    Annette, I was thinking I was due AF on either Mon or tues as was looking at the date rather than the CD as we wasnt trying this month, she made me realise that im only on CD25, my last AF (CD1) was 16th Feb & I have a 32DC????

    Confused!! xxx
  • that would be crrect then My last af was 14th feb. I rekon you ovd around 1st march & were gonna have a shorter cycle hun.
    My edd is 21st nov so you would be 23??
  • So maybe my cycle wasnt gona be 32 days then this month but we didnt bd for the 1st time since AF till last Sat!!! x

    By the way my birthday is 24th Nov!!
  • Bloody hell Laura that's FANTASTIC news!! I saw your post on the forum page, and said to hubby 'I hope that mean's she's pg' and then when I saw it I jumped up shouting yes :lol: - hubby thought I was mad :lol: :lol: I've been feeling pretty crap last few days and you have just made my week image image image

    I completely understand your apprehension sweetie, but don't worry I'm sure this bean is firmy snug and absolutley for keeps. :\)

    Maybe you were having a shorted cycle this month hun, do you know when you actually ov? Either way, if it means your not too many DPO it's still good news for it to be showing already cos it means the hormones are nice and strong early on :\)

  • Thank you Rainbow hun that's so sweet of you, I hope your getting on ok sweetie, I have been thinking of you whilst ive been away.

    I usually have a 32 day cycle, and weve been so tired weve hardly done the business, 1st time we had sex was after when I would usually ov so thought there's no chance of it happening. After I done the tests I then realised im not due on till nxt weekend, but the FR showed the line before the pee had even got to the end of the strip!! Have told oh now he is in shock to bless him but said it's a good thing & he just prays this one is for keeps. Only thing I dont get is that if I ov earlier than usual how did I get pg as we didnt have sex till after my usual ov day!! Weird but not complaining as it's better if im further along than I would expect. xxxx
  • yayyyyyyyy!!! awww I'm so happy for you hun that really is fantastic news!!! Congratulations!!

    Wishing you a h&h 9 months hun xx
  • Laura, thats such brilliant news!! I've never got so excited about a BFP announcement before! Congratulations, i'm sure your little bean has snuggled in nicely for a h&h 9 months. You deserve this so much xx
  • so pleased for you hun. This little beanio will have more sticky dust wishes thrown at it from all of BE than any other. I really hope this it the one for you.
  • Wow g/c to say a huge congrats hun, am so happy for you and have a H&H 9 months xx
  • Many many congratulations hun, fantastic news xxx
  • congrats to you - I have seen your posts in here and I am so happy that you posted a BFP.
  • So chuffed for you hon, you are such a support to everyone on here, there is no-one who deserves a sticky bean more. Praying with all my might that this one is a bring home baby.

    Hannah xx
  • Was your last af a normal one? If the hormone is so strong the pregnant line appears before the control one, you could be a lot further along than you thought!
    I guess cos of your history you'll be having an early scan anyway? Maybe you'll see bean looks a lot bigger than you expected!
    Or, it could be twins?
    I guess the more down to earth explanation would be that you were oving earlier than you thought.
    But I can't think of any situation where a lot of hcg could be a bad sign - so fingers crossed it's just bean settling snuggly and your body taking extra special care of him/her.
    When are you going to the docs? x
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