do you think i can have sex tonight?UPDATE??

Hi girls, its been 9 days since We started to lose baby and 7 days since we actually lost all of him.

I have not bled now for 2 days.. I really want to try again..

Do you think I should try tonight? im scared slightly in case it makes me bleed or it hurts.


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  • Hi, I think only you know sweet, for me my bleeding in the beginning seemed to ease, then restarted, I personally waited quite a while, but listen to your body. For me the first time after didn't hurt, I was just super emotional. Zxx
  • hmm I think it will be okay. I feel okay and I have not had any funny pains or discoloration when i go to toilet. not even had to wear a pad.
    its a hard decision.

  • Hi hun, we had sex for the first time 3 days after the bleeding stopped as I was coming up to possible ovulation. It's up to you though. If you feel ready then go for it and good luck for some fertilisation :\)

  • Hi lady, we tried tonight after 3 days of absolutely no bleeding and guess what I started bleeding so we could not even continue.
    Im devastated, i know its only been 9 days but really.. after 3 days why did I bleed? we were not even rough barely even started to have sex and blood straight away.

    is this normal? am I maybe rushing myself? im not due to ovulate possibly until next week anyway. midwife said 2-4 weeks after miscarriage.

    really worried and distraught now.

  • Perhaps everythings abit delicate down there still. Have you had any bleeding since? I think you have to be careful if your still bleeding as there's a risk of infection I was told I think. Could be wrong though. I'd leave it a couple more days hun and let it settle and then try again and if the bleedings picked up again go and see your gp.

  • I only bled for 3 days with my actual mc but then a week later i went for an internal scan to check everything was getting back to normal and this made me bleed again for a further 10 days as the camera probe had disturbed everything down there so same sort of thing. Don't worry it is normal. Once you've stopped bleeding this time though it shouldn't happen again but it is upsetting esp as you're probably still very upset from the mc as well.
    Take care hun x
  • Hi girls, well i only bled for that evening and have had none since, went to see doctor today and descirbed the bleeding to her but she thinks its over as it was brown.
    she says that we can try straight away and thate dont have to wait.
    she said that they used to only recommend waiting for dates as it made their job easier but not they scan so we dont need to. I was so upset talking to someone outwith my family circle but I feel much better now. I am so focused on trying again and I thought to myself today that I need to be really positive as I think mental state could affect my chances.

    we are going to try again tonight and see what happens. wish me luck

  • Good luck!!
  • Hi girls, well we made love tonight and it was successful. No bleeding. I hope im fertile and baby dust works. image feel happier than I have in days and feel I have purpose.
    pray this works and we conceive soon.
  • good luck!

    its so hard to start thinking about TTC - not only for physical but emotional too. i think we will start as soon as we get neg on pg test, dont want any confusion!
  • I feel better now, I still have some really bad moments where I need reassurance. Im hoping we catch this time. fingers crossed we do. Im due to ovulate real soon. but I dont want to test for this, im just hoping we manage naturally.
    worried that we may get too intense about it and it might not happen if im stressed.

    positive mental attitude LOL..

    good luck to everyone with lots of magical baby dust for all of you.

  • arghh we have managed to have sex 3 times with no bleeding and then this afternoon a little bit of brown blood (sorry TMI) how frustrating. I think we just disturbed whatever is still down there as there has been nothing since.
    will this affect our chances of getting pregnant? or is it just old blood.

  • I don't think it will affect your chances. Probably just abit delicate still. I'd just be really gentle when having sex and maybe see your gp if it continues.

  • I think we were a little too generous with our excitement LOL.. it was a little bit too deep maybe. sorry TMI.. we were gentle the first 3 times, will just have to go back to being really gentle

    fingers crossed I can still get pregnant ASAP..

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