Early Natural MC 4 weeks ago...when should i expect AF?

I'm really confused...I suffered an early natural MC at 6 weeks and noticed that I had EWCM 2 weeks later, therefore, i expected my AF to arrive this weekend but nothing!!! I've had period pains etc as i would usually but nothing. I really want my AF to arrive so that we can get on with our BDing.

How long did everyone else have to wait until their AF after MC?



  • Ater my 2nd MC at 6+4 it was just under 5 weeks before my next AF. I hope she comes soon for you think it was about the only time I was happy for AF to arrive.
  • I had 2 weeks bleeding but the day I 'counted' as my MC was when the pain and clots started, and my AF came 33 days after that. but some of the girls have had to wait much longer. Hope she visits soon so you can move on a bit, I did feel better once that first one arrived.
  • Hey, I had this last week. AF found me on Thursday after thinking I was late and getting my hopes up. It was about 2 weeks and 4 days after my EWCM finished so really thought we'd done it straight away. Am just finishing af now and have found it a bit more painful with cramps than normal but i think my body is just finishing off it's 'clean up' from mc last month.
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