Getting Back to Normal

Hi Ladies,

I am going through a miscarriage at the moment and am totally devestated. I am trying to look towards the future. I have to go for more blood tests tomorrow and another scan on Monday to confirm that everything has settled down. The midwife told me that I should wait until I have had 2 normal periods before starting TTC. They said this is to give my body a rest and also to help for dating a possible future pregnancy. How long did it take for your cycles to return to normal?

Thanks x


  • Hi Angelcake,
    I'm currently on my 2nd period since my son was stillborn at 27weeks in September. My midwife told me to start trying as soon as i was ready and said my body was ready straight away for another pregnancy if it happened quickly. So we've been trying again since I had my 1st period. If anything, my 2nd period has proved that my cycle is back to my usual 28 days, which is good.
    Be strong, it will get easier and good luck with trying again xx
  • Hi luvvie

    i had an erpc on 4th sept after a MMC. I was told to wait for 1 period, which i did and it came 35 days later, and was lighter than usual lasting only 3 days. we have been ttc'ing but my period came on 11th nov and was 33 days long (i am usually 30-31 days) and that period was back to normal for me.

    Waiting for that 1st period was torture though, but you will feel quite relieved when it does come.

    Hope that you are feeling ok.

    Jodie xx

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  • i had a mmc at the end of july and had my first AF 8 weeks later, my cycle after that was 50 days long and i'm now on cd17 of cycle 3, so they're not really back to normal as yet unless my body hurry's up and OV's this week! mine average 32-38 days. xx
  • I had a mc in September first AF was 38days last one was 28days. Before MC they were anything from 28-37days. Hoping that 28days is going to be 'normal' for me now!
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