Chemical pg, advice plese?

Hi ladies, after 6 months of ttc we finally got our bfp, but our joy lasted only for 24 hours, as I started bleeding, and doctor has confirmed an early MC or chemical pg. I was feering the worst as I kept on having really bad cramps ever since CD24, and actually expected AF. It was such a surprise, I was a day late and tested and it was positive, but my cramps weren't going away but got worst. So obviously something was wrong.

We really want to continue with ttc straight away, and have been trying to find out whatever is ok to do so, and how long will it take? I took as 6 months to get a BFP and I am feaing it might take even longer now.

And is it ok to do so? I googled different websites and it said it was ok to continue ttc etc, I actually haven't asked my doctor at the time as I was in shock really image
I really worried as I had one MC 9 years ago and I was 6 weeks pg. Doc said that anything under 3 MC is not investigated as it is quite common?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi Hun ((hugs)) I'm sorry for the grief your going through. I completely understand. I was pregnant with 1st baby and had miscarriage on 30th may. I think this is a completely personal choice as to whether you try again. My midwife and doctor said If the bleeding has stopped and you feel ready emotionally and physically then there is nothing to stop us. My university where I live did that investigation and found that ttc straight away is a good thing. I felt it would help with the grieving for my lost baby and it did. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant. How are you at moment? Physically and emotionally? Are you getting enough support? Take care and you will hopefully fond this forum invaluable for help, advise and support. I know i did and still am. X
  • Thanks, sorry about your mc and congratulations on your pregnancy! Well done. We would like to ttc again asap really. I was really quite heartbroken, but feel better now, and have a wonderful oh who's been fantastic. I have stopped bleeding and we are moving the house at the mo so I think being busy has helped me in the way as it has taken my mind away from it. Of course I am not really over it yet, and wonder what if, but that is life..
    I have posted similar post on pregnancy forum to find out if anyone else had a similar experiance and quite a few ladies had responded and like you have gone on to have healthy pg.
    It is great to know that there is so many lovely ladies on here who are really helpfull.
    Thank you again, good luck, wishing you H&H pregnancy.
  • Thanks hun. Good luck with the house move and ttc. It's not easy after a miscarriage and I would have felt really alone if it wasn't for this forum. Even now me and my husband still think about the bean we lost and still have a cry about it. It does get easier. Fingers crossed for you Hun. X
  • Hi Naturelle.

    I too had a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks two weeks ago today. I'd known I was pregnant for a week and just got used to the idea. I thought I was ok but I burst into tears at my desk today. Feeling a bit emotional. image

    I believe that it's ok to get cracking straight away. Hubby and I have decided not to for now as we are in the process of buying a new house and money is going to be very tight. We are waiting until Christmas/New Year.

    Good luck hun. I hope you conceive again soon. On the plus side, the news last week said that women who try again straight after a miscarriage are more likely to get pregnant quickly and less likely to have complications. I'm sure it's only a matter of time. It's tough being patient though.

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