Ovulation after mmc

Hi Girls
I had a D&C (ERPC) on 12th Jan. Since then I have had two 30 day cycles (really good as they have never been consistent!) and now on cd23 of 3rd cycle. I do not think I have ovulated on any of these cycles and its really getting me down. I use a CBFM, opks and bbt. My CBFM stayed on low all throughout the first cycle; second cycle it turned to high on cd16 but then stayed high for nine days and never peaked and it looks like this month is going to be the same with my 8th high this morning. Opks seem really strange producing positives last month around 16-19 but this month they showed positives cd10-12 and then negatives since - very confused! Temps did go up last month on cd18 but did not stay high for long (about 4 days). Temps not risen this month at all. I went to the docs last week to tell her I thought I wasn't ovulating and she said that its obviousl I can as I got pg!!! She told me to go back in June if I have not got pg and she will refer me again. I am tempted to go back earlier but want to go back armed. What treatments can I have to help me to ovulate?? What questions should I ask? I did have bloods taken back in the summer and one cycle showed that I ovulated and another showed that I had not. Really need your expert help! I soooo want to be pg before by edd in July and time is rushing by!


  • Muffin I have no advice but just wanted to say I hope your okay?
    Dealing with this is hard enough without the worry of ov on top! Were you having treatment before? I don't really know too much about that side of thigs, I know my sis was taking tablets to stimulate ovulation but that was years ago.
    Keep strong hun
  • hey hun, sorry ur such in limbo, i know they can give a drug called clomid to help with ov but obviously i dont know a lot about this! June is quite early to be seen again though hun and only a couple of months away so thats defo postive!!!! xx
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