Think I'm out...

12 DPO and temps have dropped massively the last two days, now below the coverline, so looks like AF is on her way - might get a bottle of wine in for tonight to console myself and OH with ;\)

Good luck to all those still in the 2WW!

Hannah xx


  • aww sorry to hear that Hannah, go get that bottle and pamper yourself for a few days so your ready for that BFP next month! xx
  • Sorry Hannah but try and enjoy your wine! xx
  • sorry to hear that hun xxx
  • Sorry hun but maybe we'll both get BFP next month haha....AF hasnt appeared but think she will soon as i doubt i will have caught this time! x
  • Thanks girls - she turned up in full force yesterday, but just found out we can pick up our keys for our new flat on Thursday and move the week after, so that's helped cheer me up!

    Eve, you're still in with a chance hon if she hasn't shown - but if she does, then yep, fingers crossed we can go to due in Jan together, would be great to have another BIDDIE to hold hands with!

    Hannah xx
  • so sorry to hear the witch turned up hun!!boooo x

    we moved house last month - and everyone keeps saying "you know what they say - New House, New baby" so hope that rubs off on you too hun.

    good luck with the move

    x x x
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