1 day late for AF, tested and...

Well i tested on a first response and got a VERY faint line.
Bought it downstairs to show OH and he held it up to window and when i pointed he was like yep i see it but its so faint.
Really not sure what to believe tbh :\?
Think until i see a darker line i shall not be convinced lol.

Good luck too all you ladies, sending lots of baby dust


  • Sounds promising xx
  • Hi hun. First response are really bad for testing early. I tested and got such. Faint line so decided to do a superdrug and it was a definite bfp with that on the same day. Sounds good to me Hun. Maybe try a superdrug one or wait a few days more. I also found when I was 5 days late that the first response wS still light. Good luck x
  • Cheers hun image
    Im off to Ireland tomorrow for 4 days to visit OH grandparents, so am going to test again in the morning.
    Still no AF and no sign of it coming at all.
    Also having stretching pains in my lower abdomen a little and back ache, but not AF pain types.
    Woke up this morning with the worlds worst headache and feeling so sick.
    Getting super tired too, im usually up at 8-8.30am on my days off but recently been getting up at 10-10.30
    which i know isnt that late, but is for me lol.
    I havent drank at all, went for food with OH parents today and his mum was like ohhh get a strawberry bellini, i was like nah im ok tar, just a soda water will do.
    She turned round and asked if she should know anything, i was like nope! im just being healthy lol.
    They will not be happy when we tell them at 12 weeks if all goes ok, but think they will work it out soon, cause i usually always have a drink on a night out and i wont be lol.
    I dont really care what they say, cause im VERY happy image lol xxx
  • congrats! don't worry about it being faint. my first test day superdrug was v faint pos and FR showed neg. wasn't til 3-4 days later I got a convincing BFP on FR. I'm 36weeks now!! look forward to seeing you in pg after mc!
  • congrats to u

  • it sounds promising, any line however faint usually means one thing!
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