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iv brought a CBFM kit but havnt even opened the box yet! havnt a clue how to use! iv been told though that the clearblue ov sticks are better!!??? so i also brought sum of these!
i havnt a clue when i ovulate! i fell pregnant 10 days after my period last time!... im so confused cos i dont know how to use any of these and the instructions are so complicated!!! x


  • Hi hun, I love love love my CBFM! I thought it sounded complicated as well but it really is so easy.
    When your AF starts, turm the monitor on and push the "m" button. If you forget to do it on the day AF arrives, just hold in the m button until the number goes up to the CD your on (though you can only do this up to day5)
    The time that you push the button should be a time when your going to be able to test using FMU, for eg if you get up for work at 8am then push the button around that time because it sets the monitor to ask for tests at that time of the morning.
    Then all you do is turn it on every morning and see if the little test symbol flashes meaning it wants a test done.

    I'm probably making it sound complicated but it's soooo much easier than ov tests asv there's no trying to guess if the line is dark enough, it simply says you have either low, high or peak fertility xx
  • i would start with the cbfm, read the booklet before u start, it's quite simple, just make sure you set it in the morning at your usual getting up time! you can set it any day from cd1- cd5 and set it to the correct day accordingly. see how you go, some girls, and myself included find they get lot's of 'highs' on the cbfm so i started uding the cb digital opk's in the evenings just on the high days as well as the cbfm in the mornings. x
  • Hi! I love my CBFM and its the only reason (well apart from the obvious!!) that I fell pg last time as I have very irregular cycles! Its must better than those clearblue ov sticks as it tells you high fertility as well as peak fertility. Plus I discovered that the sticks for the CBFM actually work with the digital ovulation stick and they are cheaper too!!!
  • thanks so much for all the replies! CBFM it is then image xx
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