Think I need a slap

Hey guys,

I think I need someone to give me a good slap - been feeling incredibly sorry for myself today. Was sure we had done it this month and was so disappointed when the evil witch got me this morning. Have had really painful cramps all day which is just a contant reminder that my stupid womb is empty. Keep thinking that I should have been over 5 months gone by now, all blooming with a big bump and instead I am just carrying around extra comfort eating pounds.

My Mum told me today that my cousin is 7 weeks pregnant and I did a good impression of being thrilled for her until Mum said that it was only right really that she did it before me cos she got married first (well thank goodness I had that miscarriage then, I'd hate to jump the f**king queue!!), but that I ought to get a move on so we could have out babies close together - what??!!

DH has gone away for a couple of nights so just in on my own with my thoughts. I feel so guilty for feeling like this because we really haven't been trying long and I know there are lots of lovely ladies on here who have lost more than one baby and/or been trying for months and months, but I just thought it would be easier than this. Anyway, must stop whinging and get my PMA togther,

Much love and luck for the rest of the Lurve bug testers

Jo x x x


  • aw hugs honey bless you. Why do mums think they have the right to be so mean to their daughters? I hope I never upset my girls the way mine does me and say things like yours has said.
    I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty for feeling frustrated when there are ladies worse off. But you know losing a baby, wanting a baby, trying for a bay... doesn't matter about other people when you're feeling all these emotions. Thankfully we have this group which is full of fantastic supportive ladies who understand these feelings and don't try to do any 'I have more problems than you' crap.
    You don't need a slap my lovely but some TLC and a lot of hugs image Keep trying and I'll be looking out for your BFP announcementimage
  • Hi Jo,

    First of all, don't you ever apologise for your feelings on here, this is your haven and I'm a firm believer that you have to have that if you're ever going to be able to come manage what happenned, secondly I'm sending you lots of hugs hunny.

    I don't mean to be horrible, but your mom is out of order (presuming she knows about your mc) and she really ought to be thinking about your feelings before she makes remarks like that.

    I don't want to want to patronise you with the 'it will happen when it;s the right time' etc etc, but will say that I'm sure things will be changing for you soon.

    Sending you lots of virtual hugs

  • How are you feeling today honey?

    Just wanted to reiterate what Rainbow said - don't apologise for how you are feeling - you have every right to feel sad that you aren't pregnant.

    Hope you are feeling a little better today.


  • Hiya! Hope you are feeling brighter today sweetie! I had a similar comment from my mum about a friend of mine who is 11 weeks pg - 'Well she is older than you so its her turn first!' I think she was trying to make me feel better! Hope AF is on her way out soon so you can start again this month! xx
  • Hi Jo, Hope you are feeling better today. I was convinced also- next month will be our month. XX
  • heya hun...
    chin up, we all have our down days image
    me and my mum are really close but even she said things that upset me and seemed insensative...
    but your right, just try and keep a PMA i know its hard sometimes but we are all here for you whenever u need to let of steam image
  • Hi guys, Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your replies - you made me cry! In a good way though! Had a long chat with DH when he got back from his trip yesterday and he was really great about it all. Feeling much more positive and gearing up for another month of craziness with you lot. Sending you all huge hugs,

    Thanks again,

    Jo x x x
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