TTC again - is it too soon?

Hi, I miscarried on Thursday last week after starting to bleed on the Tuesday.

I had a scan on Wednesday which confirmed that the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks - I should've been 9 weeks along. I was told to come back a week later for another scan. However in the mean time I naturally started to miscarry. It was awful and the most painful experience of my life - so much so I was so relieved once I had finally passed the sac and placenta.

The next day I phoned the epu and they told me to come in for an internal scan - only about 1cm of blood remained which was good as it meant no d&c. The sonographer informed us that we will be able to ttc straight away should we wish to.

After discussion we both feel we are ready to ttc straight away - obviously waiting until the bleeding has stopped which it almost has.

I would just like to know people's experiences of ttc again. Did you ttc straight away or wait? Anyone fallen pregnant again in the first month? Are you anxious? Scared?

Really hope you can share xx


  • Hi hun

    First of all sorry for your loss.(were you in DIF also)
    I had a M/C three weeks ago and I was 6 weeks it was just so horrible and I was devastated.
    I bled for a few days and we started trying again straight away I have OV and we have BD quite a bit so I am hoping(but trying not to get my hopes up to much) that I might fall straight away as I have read that quite a few women do as you are more fertile after M/C

    I also posted a thread a bit like this and most said if I feel ready then why not try again straight away. I am desperate to be pregnant again but I know that I will worry and panic until 12 weeks

    Good luck

    Gem xx

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  • Hiya honey
    If you feel ready then by all means try again. We did after just a few weeks since mc. (mc naturally similar to yourself and at 6-7ish weeks.)
    We have caught on the first month but after looking online (i wouldnt recommend cos of horror stories!) but there seems to be equal amount of research into ttc straight away or waiting a while.

    Im worried now about having another mc obv but my GP did reassure me that it is actually more rare to have multiples after each other. And if you are younger and healthy etc even less likely to mc again.

    Hope that helps,

    Good luck luvvie
    H x
  • Hi hun, so sorry about your MMC. I also experienced this 8 weeks ago am now pregnant 6+3 image It was awful I was 12 weeks pregnant and found out at my scan that there was no heartneat and I miscarried that weekend where it took three days of labour to lose baby ending with me in hospital.
    I bled for a few days on and off after MMC and as soon as the bleeding stopped, we started trying again, I waited patiently for my AF to arrive 6 weeks after miscarriage but instead I got a BFP and im now 2 weeks on.
    If you feel ready and the bleeding has stopped then go for it.

    wishing you all the luck in the world.

    baby dust for you
  • Thank you so much for the replies. You have all really helped :\)

    I am feeling very positive after hearing each of your experiences. Obviously we are still devastated by what happened last week but feel ready to start trying again. I took my temps the last time we were ttc so have stated to take them again in the hope that I can pin point ov. Not expecting much to happen straight away but I am encouraged to know that I am no alone in wanting to ttc again so soon.

    Wishing you all the best mrsallen & hoping2tryagain.xx

    P.S. Gem - yes I was DIF too xx
  • hi xmrsgx and other ttc ladies

    ive had a very similiar experience to you, i miscarried last week also at 8 weeks ( i was also due in feb) and this is the first time i have posted about it. I really know how you feel as im going through the same, its awful isnt it? Mine was a natural miscarriage and it happened over last monday and tuesday and i bleed for 3 days although quite lightly on the 3rd day. i was heart broken to be honest, i saw the heart beat on the monday but by the wednesday it had gone.

    each day has got easier but its something i will never forget and we have both said the next time it happens for us will be even more special and cherished, we are going to start trying again straight away (kind of casually if you know what i mean) and see what happens and ive been really encouraged by all the positive stories on this forum .... lots of good luck and of course baby dust

    wf xx
  • Hi there Mrs G, Firstly, im so sorry for your loss. There seems to be a few of us ladies who came from DIF and have sadly got together here. I lost my baby at 9 weeks on 5th July, but had bled heavily for 2 weeks before, and saw a hb 4 times. Heartbreaking. You are not alone in starting starting straight away. We said we wouldnt due to being so scared we would MC again. That being said, we havent used anythng, so I suppose we are trying, just scared to admit it. I get so much comfort and ressurance from reading everyones thoughts and knowing that im not on my own. I hope and pray that we all have what we long for soon. Good luck to us all. Tracy xxx
  • Hello all. Sorry to hear about your losses - it has to be the most awful thing to experience. I had a mc of my first pregnancy which I think started on 8 July, but really got started on 11th and have only just stopped bleeding on 25th (No D&C)- I felt absolutely drained and devastated.

    I am 41 and am however desperate to start over again now (I am an old bird I realise that) as I loved being pregnant and wondered what advice people have been given - is it too soon? Are you likely to miscarry again if you don't wait for a full cycle? I seem to be getting differenet advice from different doctors / nurses. I just feel like I can't hang around but wondered what people had heard / experienced.
  • Thanks woodfairy, tashelby & apple for your replies and experiences - and so sorry to hear about your loss. It really does help to share and hear from other people. It is totally heartbreaking but I feel for me it is getting easier.

    The bleeding has now stopped (bled for just over a week). So we can now start ttc. I am anxious about getting pregnant again but it is something that we both want and there is no medical reason to suggest a future pregnancy will result in a m/c - I just need to keep telling myself that!

    Apple - I was told by the person who did my scans (first scan before m/c and second internal scan after m/c) that there is no medical reason for waiting. She told me that some doctors say wait until you have a full cycle but that is so it is easier for them to date and not for any other reasons. She also said that if your body was not ready to get pregnant again then it wouldn't. She seemed very postive so I am going with her advice image

    Sending you all lots of luck, hugs and positive vibes for the future xx
  • Sorry to hear about your loss. Reading it was so similar to how I felt when I miscarried at the beginning of July (I thought I was 11 weeks but scan said 7). I miscarried that weekend and we have started ttc this month as both feel eady although don't know when I am ovulating so will just have to wait and see if successful. I have read up on it a lot and if your sonographer has said all is ok to start trying again then if you feel ready then go ahead. I know how you feel - you really want to see a BFP and the next will be even more cherished and special. Baby dust to all x x
  • Thanks all for advice and the kind words. I saw a doctor yesterday and he recommended a minmum of one cycle saying there was a slight increased risk of a further miscarriage if you got pregnant too soon. That said, he then went on and said he had looked after women who didn't wait and were ok. I guess as your sonographer said MrsG, if you are ready it will happen. Baby dust to all ladies on the boards.......... xxx
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