She's here :D

The witch arrived today, right on time, 28 days since the day after ERPC, hurrah!!

Am so pleased, means I can stick to my TTC schedule for June!! Go on hols on 13th and should hopefully OV while we're away but doesn't matter too much cos will be BDing so much we'll def have June covered!

So excited for 1st month TTC - wish me luck!! xx

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  • Good luck babes x
  • Woohoo thats great news.

    Can I ask are you usually regular as I was always like clockwork and now im hoping that means I will get back to normal asap.

    That does however mean I have missed out this month as we did not bd on the right days :\(

    This forum seems a little funny. We are happy to get BFN and af :lol:

    Have a great June xxx

    Yeah I know what you mean babylove, like the opposite of the ttc forum lol!

  • I was totally regular before the pill then when I come off that I only had 2 cycles before BFP and they were 44 and 36 days so they were settling down to something like normal.

    I was so confident she would arrive on time but now she seems to have disappeared, trying not to worry, it's still early!

    Don't worry too much about this month, they say to wait a month for your body to recover etc so it's a good thing! Hope she turns up soon!

    Thanks Kat and Lady - hope you're both cool! xx
  • Hi Amber I think I got my first real AF yesterday, slightly different from you as I had my MMC on the 4th of Feb 2010, so it has been a while, mt body has been totally messed up since, I had to go on some tablets to stop me bleeding as I was bleeding for almost 11 weeks after my D+C!!!!!!!!

    I finally stopped bleeding after my tablets and went back to normal and after two days of brown CM I started with full red bleed yesterday, it is quite light though, although I have never really had heavy AF.

    So today is CD2, not dissappointed at all as I am glad to be back at a point were I can monitior my cycle. I was regular 30 days before MC and OV around CD15/16, however I now think I am about 24/26 days and OV around CD11????????????????????

    I will have more of an idea this time round, just hope the flow gets a bit heavier so that it is somewhere back to normal.

    Back to lots of BD when the bleeding stops, god this TTC is very hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck to you x:\)
  • Hurrah 3054!! We can be cycle buddies! You must be so relieved!! That is a long time to wait!!

    A short cycle is not too bad as not too long to wait for OV and BFP/AF but I guess anything can happen really this month.

    Oh yeh bding like mad this month!!

    Glad you joined the TTC thread, we can have a chat as the month goes on

    Loadsa luck & baby dust! xx
  • so happy for u

  • Hi Amber, when I came off the pill, my cycles were always 28 days, even after my ERPC, my first AF was 28 days, the last two have been 32 days, odd! Good luck with the TTC. Babydust to you.

    Love & Light. Zxx
  • congrats hun, good luck for you.

    we are trying before my first AF after miscarriage, so hoping to not get one at all.. we are desperate to be pregnant again.

    good luck

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