Need some advice please- 25 days have passed.. UPDATE*******

Its been 25 days since i lost our baby at 6 +6, still seems unreal and like this is not happening to me. But i am emotional and physically feeling much better this week so i am now looking to the future.

We started trying again on 3rd June, just under 2 weeks after i lost the baby (24th May) and have been a few times since then. Did a OV test on Tuesday and today and got a smilie both times so i am not sure if i am ovulating or if there are still some pregnancy hormones left!!? Could there still be pregnancy hormones in my body or could i be ovulating?

Also when do i test?

Did what everyone suggested and did a CBD test this morning.....! Says 1-2.....................
Am shocked.... i know potentially its very early days but here goes


After nearly a year trying, finally getting pregnant, then losing it at 6+6 it looks like i got pregnant straight away again!!!!!

That would be absolutely amazing, i was hoping and wishing for this to happen but really doubed that it would as it took us so long to just get pregnant....!!!

So i am now going to look after myself- no more stressing at work etc....and see really hoep this is a sticky bean......


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  • Did another OV test this morning and i got a smilie again, also did a pregnancy test which came up positive???
  • Oh dear that is really difficult!!!!! It took me almost four weeks to get a negative test but I was almost 11 weeks gone so will take longer. I take it you never got a negative test befor trying again? The only thing you can do really is wait another week and see if it still positive and a new PG or a BFN and you know you are clear to try again or maybe see if GP will measure hormone level so you can see if they are going up or down. Hope it is a new BFP for you x
  • Hiya,
    It sounds like a positive to me! Go and buy a CBD and double check. Hormones shouldnt be showing now unless there new ones. I lost my bean at 7+4 and got a negative 2 weeks later. Tested 2 weeks after that and got a positive! I will whisper congratulations until you know for sure..Good luck! XXX
  • I had a negative test 1 day after i miscarried at the hospital.

    It's only been 14 days since we started trying again- would a test show up positive at this stage? I would have had to have gotten pregnant straight away again???

    Jen-congrats to you hun!


  • Hey, if you had a neg the day after your mc and you've just had a positive I would say congratulations!! But I know how confusing it is with our bodies all over the place. Like Jen said, i'd get cbd and check again. Fingers crossed for you but i've a feeling it's turned into a good month for you xx
  • That would be so quick wouldnt it!? I was hoping for this but to be honest really doubted i would get pregnant this soon.....................
  • oh chick it sounds good to me image go to docs and ask them to check your HCG levels.. I hope im in same place as you in couple of weeks. fingers crossed for both of us.
  • HI,
    Its been 28 days since I had my ERPC and only got a negative test this morning. I was 12+3 weeks gone but my smartie didn't grow past 9 weeks image I tested myself once a week as I was advised that it can take a number of weeks for the pregnancy hormone to fully leave the body.
    Now that my body finally realises that iam no longer pregnant I feel ready to start to try again.
    Its a really confusing time for you both physically and mentally but hang in there.... I'm with you xxx

  • Just even more confused because the test at the hospital after the miscarriage was negative so why would i now have a positive one?

    Also when i was pregnant i did 3 CBD tests and none of them went beyond 1-2 weeks so levels would have already been dropping.

    OMG i hope i am not talking myself into something that isnt happening!!!!
  • Congratulations. Great news I love to see BFP announcements on here. Hope you have a super sticky and healthy nine months x
  • Me to 3054, they're even better over here!

    Just posted over in ttc but thought i'd say congratulations here too!!!
    Have a h&h 8 months and hope not to see you over here again!! (In the nicest way!)
  • Fantastic news, congratulations xx
  • Fantastic news, congratulations xx
  • Fantastic news, congratulations xx
  • Congrats hun, made up for you!
    See you in pregnancy,
    Love MrsH and little pud 12+6 xx
  • Aww congrats!! so happy for you, fingers crossed for you for a sticky bean this time!!! xxxxx
  • Congratulations hun.. im so pleased for you image
    we were same as you, its been 21 days since miscarriage and we started trying again on the 4th June and then pretty much every second day since, I have definitely ovulated so praying we are lucky to get a BFP like you. I ovulated this week so am going to wait a couple of weeks before I test as implantation takes about a week apparently.

    praying you have a very sticky bean and that im as lucky as you!

  • Really hope this is a sticky bean!
    Thank you all for your nice comments. Just going to wait and see now. Not getting too excited just yet as it is early days yet but i am hoping for the best....
    hoping2tryagain- replied to your topic! Good luck hun!
  • Fantastic news hun. So pleased to come on here this evening and read about all the BFPs (slightly jealous though) ;\)

    H&H 9 months xxx
  • I have no idea how I missed this one!! But wow! and major congratulations to you both!!! xxxxxxxxxxx H&H 9 Months kiddo! xxxxxxxxx
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