Sex drive

OMG! Ladies, I don't know what is wrong with me but my sex drive has gone platinum!!

Sorry if TMI, but some of you may know my m/c started on 26th Jan and I had the ERPC last week on 9th Feb. I only had spotting for two days after op and ever since I have felt fine and been gagging for it! :lol:

My DH is afraid of me! :lol: We did the BD for the first time Sat night, then Sun morning then Mon, not TTC just really horny! And in between I've been having really sexual dreams and find myself remembering sexual moments with DH or fantasising about him! It is so bad I would describe it as distracting :lol:

The kids have been away for a few days, so I initially thought, because we we're having a weekend break and because we've been through such a tough time, it could be the high following the three weeks of no sex and the emotional lows?

Is it just me? I have been 'Googling' and both extremes can be common apparently? From no desire to off the Richter!

And I seem to have -off the Richter!' I read that it is to do with a hormone surge? Anyone else? image


  • Fairy you have just made me laugh so much!! My first AF since my mmc arrived over the weekend and appears to be coming to an end today. We are away tomorrow night and I have been thinking the same thing!!!
  • No, Fairy, not just you! It's been 2 weeks, almost, since my D&C. They told me over here that i had to wait 2 weeks after the D&C before BD, and it's actually been torture... We're going away this weekend though...
    glad you're feeling better, it sounded like you went through a horrible time x
  • :lol: You will be pleased to know I've cooled down and my desires are back to normal! :lol:

    Just had a mad three days! xxx
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