Sound Promising Or Not!?

Hi ladies, hope you are all well image

I should be about 10DPO today and for the 4/5 days i have been getting bad dizziness, i have it when i'm standing and even when i'm sitting.
It feels like i'm really drunk or like i have been sat spinning on the waltzers for an hour constantly, its making me feel sick when i have it and nothing seems to help it.
Its making me feel really quite crappy image

Just wanted some views as to whether you would say this could be a good early pg sign or something else, e.g blood pressure problems!?

Thank you x emma x


  • hey, dizzyness is def a sign of pg, it was the first thing that i had as a symptom but not till about 14/16 dpo and at the time i justb dismissed it as getting up too quick or not eating enough. No early testing mind! we all know how much turmoil that can bring! lol xx
  • Hehe, i get excited but knowing my luck i wont be image
    Its getting worse by the day pretty much and makes me feel sick when i get it but im adamant this month im not going to test unless i miss AF!!
    Am feeling the will power too so know i wont cave in lol!
    Am due AF any day between tomorrow and sat/sun.
    It should come friday but am never on time lol.
    Not having any feeling of AF atm, am really quite bloated though, not sure if this is good or not lol.

    Have booked a docs appointment tomorrow about the dizziness cause am a little worried in case its something else lol.

  • hiya hun, I got dizziness it this time around and had it very early on around 6dpo.. I was at a friends wedding and almost passed out just doing one dance.
    I waited to test and got my BFP around 5 days later. I never had dizziness with last pregnancy but am still getting it now and i am roughly 4+2

    good luck

  • Ohhh this gives me lots of hope image
    Thank you hoping2tryagain image
    Am due AF any day from tomorrow - sat so not sure whether to test or not or when to test.

  • Hi, I had dizziness with both my pregnancies and that sicky feeling. That was my first sign that i thought I was pg this time round.

    Good luck, hope you get your bfp.
  • Hi Hun, if you decide to test now use a superdrug as they are very sensitive to hcg, they read about 10mlu whereas rest are about 25mlu. I got my first bfp on a ad one and then used clear blue about a week later. Good luck, thinking about you. X
  • Cheers hun image
    Well still no AF, so theres one day passed lol.
    3 days to see what happens.
    Have decided to just wait it out this month, will test on sunday if AF doesnt arrive image
  • Good luck Hun x x
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