Confused to say the least...... with a positive note!

Right, were to start.... I had a MMC on the 2nd of Feb followed by D+C o the 4h of Feb. I have been bleeding on and off ever since really, very irregular between really heavy, nothing at all some days and spotting the others. I had about 4 days of nothing and then at 7 weeks started with what a believed to be a full flow AF, this lasted about 7 days, then I have had had very light spotting since, not much but something there all day, yesterday was CD12 and I was still bledding.......

Today CD13 I woke up to a clean pad, nothing at all, and there is nothing when I wipe, and nothing pooled up inside, seems to have gone!!!!!!

Then I got a smiley face on my CB OV test.......... can I really ovulate despite all this bleeding......
Could it really be over, almost 9 weeks of hell, could this really be the end of it and now it is time to move on.

Hubby doesn't really want to do any BD'ing tonight cause we have been through this before, thought it had all finished, we had sex and then I started bleeding again, but I dont want to miss the opportunity!

Going off my last cycles I usually OV around CD15, today is only CD13, is this normal. Is it normal for your cycle to change after MC?

I have an appointment with the GP today at 13:30, going to tell himm all this and see what he thinks. Realy hope this is the end to this nightmare.image


  • hey, yes it is poss to ov with bleeding, my body's ben doing some crazy things since my mmc in july. how did u get on with ur gp? xx
  • Well, I have had no bleeding all day today, so that is none at all from about 8pm onwards last night and all day today..... so far so good. Sorry for TMI but I have been feeling wet all day today and keep running to the loo to check, but nothing, not sure if that is psychological or OV symptom following my smiley face.

    Anyway, GP didn't really say anything other than he thinks my irregular bleeding has been down to being over emotional, as every test I have had done has come back clear. he thinks that the stress and emotion has hindered my hormones regulating!!!!!!!!

    He thinks that if I am Ovulating and stopped bleeding then my body has probably sorted itself out.

    I have had a long chat with hubby and we have decided not to TTC this month, we would have to start BD tonight and this is my first bleeding free day, dont want to push it and be back to square one. By my recokning I will get second AF around the 21st of April and we go on Holiday on the 28th of April, so if all goes well I will have second AF out of the way, body back to normal and will be able to enjoy our holiday whilst TTC in the sunshine!!!!!

    It makes sense really I was all ready to get straight to it tonight, but I really need to give my body a break and relax for a few weeks, timing is perfect really.

    So no 2010 baby for me, but I will be straight on it in May and hoping for a January 2011 baby. After the 9 weeks I have endured a 3 week wait will be a doddle.......

    So lots of sticky baby dust to you all for this month...... can I have some back for May though.

    Probably will not be on here as much whilst relaxing and going on holiday, but hopefully will be back with news soon. Will keep updated on everybody though.

    See you all soon, I wonder how many BFP's there will be by then????
  • glad everythings been cleared up hun! good luck with ttc in may!! image xx
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