Ha Ha I feel like a newbie with all these questions!!! Probably a feeling a little out of touch as it's been so long!!

I re-set my cbfm the other day im on CD6 so it asked me to poas & it's taken me straight to a high!!!

Before when I've used it I had lows for a few days then to a high but never got a peak but conceived anyway.

Was quite surprised to see a high straight away so early in my cycle, I wonder if I may ov earlier this cycle.

Normally have a 32 day cycle last cycle was 31 days.

Anyone had this, a high so early in there cycle??

Thanks xxx


  • Hi laura, I had the same thing this month, highs v early like cd10 when cycle usually 34 days! I ov'd cd16 when it's usually cd20.

    I think when haven't used for bit you get more highs than normal. Last month I had about 8!x x
  • Yeah i think you can get more highs than usual and maybe you will OV a lil earlier! someone did have this is ttc not long ago but can't remember who... i only pop in there every now and again. you''d better get Bd'ing tonight and not cd 8!!!! lol xxx
  • Thanks ladies LOL

    Lets hope oh gets home at a decent hour so we can get started!!! Oh I think Grudie may of had this a little while back, I cant remember when I got 1st high last time just remember I had a bunch of lows 1st!!! xxx
  • lol, mine went all pete tong for the first 3 cycles after my mmc but the last one was what it was before my bfp with only 2 highs before peaks, so hoping i'm 'normal' now and not going to reset it fully, just reset the day which thinking about i probb should do tomorrow morning before i forget!!!!! lol xxx
  • Ha Ha when I turnt it on it was on day 99 so I just held the M down to change the day!!

    I have some cheapie opk's that Red Dress sent me so I can use those as well to check. Which is good all this poas hopefully means I wont early test!!!

    So thats good everything back to normal. Are you using preseed or zestica? xx
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