Is this a sign of not ovulating???

Hey girls
After finally getting my first AF on 2/6 after having my mc in march i started following smep and testing for ov but no positives at all and then yesterday i started to bleed again. It came from nowhere i mean no pain of brown discharge. It was pinky red blood with 2 very small clots!! Sorry tmi but we had bd the night before and i had a little spotting afterwards but this was late yesterday afternoon!! I just dont know what this is. Colud it be another af so soon or my first real one??? Or can you bleed when ovulating?? I am so confused yet again and disappointed as thought i was finally getting back to some sort of normality!! Anyone else experienced this or could shed some light on it?? I am currently back and forth to docs as my prolactin hormone was slightly high and has been since mc but they think its cos im stressed bout everything!!! Please help xxx


  • to be honest im not sure hun.. did you have 20 days with no bleeding before what you thought was AF? as it may not have been your true AF before.. this could be the proper one or it could be that the bding just moved some tissue from cervix, I would go to the doctor and ask some questions.

    good luck
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