Hi Ladies

I had a beautiful dream last night that we had a baby boy! It was all so real and when I awoke this morning and realised it wasn't real, I felt really low and disappointed. Now I'm hoping it might be a premonition! Fingers crossed. Once my first AF is out the way following my mmc, AF hopefully due next week, I will feel much more confident about trying again. Please send me all the babydust you can!! :\)

Thanks ladies, babydust back at you.... Zxx

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  • babydust! very sticky stuff too! xxxx
  • Hi ZL, could be a premonition. Even before I wanted children, I regularly dreamt about my son. When I look at him now, I get that same overwhelming feeling that I first experienced years ago in my dreams. It's luuurve!!

    Have some baby dust! X
  • hi don't know if you saw my post the other day about my dream, but i dreamt i had a baby girl and forgot i had a baby and found her in the car seat by the dryer in my utility room!
    I also had a lovely feeling when i woke up, like i knew how it felt to be a mom!
    I think our babies were sending us a sign they were happy and safe.x
  • I think that is a lovely thought srus2710 image

    I also had a dream about a baby boy 2 nights ago, maybe it's our lost bean's way of telling us we will be Mummas's soon!

  • thanks Mrs H, i really think it is. When my nan died i kept dreaming about her popping up in places and i was told that it was here showing she was safe so i think the same about the baby.
    I'm sure we'll all be happy mummies soon. Thanks for your kind words as well on my other posts.xx
  • your very welcome hun, that's what I am here for image
    How are you? xx
  • lots of baby dust to ya hun! xxx
  • Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments. Let's hope my dream becomes reality - tho can't say that for the dream I had last night, hubby and I were being chased by a big crocodile!! Strange!!!. Zxx
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