Right... Time to get obsessed!

Hi ladies,

It's now 4 months since my mc and tested yesterday at 12DPO and BFN. I know it's early but with my last 2 pregnancies I got BFP from 8DPO. Today is 13DPO and have woken up to strong AF cramps. ARGH!!!!!!!!!

So now i'm officially fed up with my crappy body and will do anything to get that BFP!

All i'm doing at the mo is using Ebay cheapy ov tests. I've been using these for years on and off and always found them quite accurate as they always seem to say I ov when my chart on www.mymonthlycycles.com does. Alot of ladies on here don't trust them though so do you think I should invest in a CBFM? or maybe just CB ov sticks?

Supplements -
What supplements can you recommend?
With my last pg I took Evening Primrose Oil capsules as read that it increased CM but didn't really read into it too much so thought it safer to not take that since.

Please please please help me as i'm one of those crazy people who have to have everything planned and just right so the fact that this is so out of my control is driving me nuts! We've planned our family from when we got married and fell pg with Ruby pretty much straight away (once I knew I was ovulating alot later than I had guessed) then planned the age gap we needed etc etc, kept all her clothes incase we had another girl blah blah blah, so the fact that the age gap is getting bigger and bigger is another factor that i'm struggling with. Also we're moving house next month to a bigger house with another bedroom as thought we needed the extra space in May, and I know it will break my heart seeing the empty nursery.

None if this makes much sense when I write it down so appologies but what i'm basically trying to say is
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I want to do everything I can to conceive a healthy baby and if it still doesn't happen at least I know I tried everything.

Thank you for reading if you managed to get this far!

A stressed and desperate,
Amy xxx


  • Awww Amy honey I know how you feel! I am such a control freak, it's doing my head in that I can't plan this as much as I do everything else.

    So here we go

    CBFM - I lurve mine and have recommended them to loads of ladies on BE (I should be on commission!). I have found that it has helped give me back control and I like that it gives you highs before you ov, so you get prior warning. I've never used Ebay cheapies, mainly cos I can't be arsed to learn how to ebay, so couldn't really comment. But if you find them accurate, don't worry what others think! Perhaps what you could do for one month (to see if you want to commit yourself) is do cb or fr ov sticks along side the Ebay ones. Then if you find that the fr/cb sticks confirm what the internet ones say, then you won't need to go to that extra expense.

    Supplements - I take Pregnacare Conception. On balance they seemed the best to me. They have lots of B vitamins in them, plus lots of other things that Zita West talks about in her books. Zita West also advises taking Evening Primrose Oil to encourage ewcm production, but you should stop taking them at ovulation because of the slight risk that the epo will make your uterus contract. In fact I would recommend that you read Zita West's book Plan to Get Pregnant. It is very good and gives straightforward advice which is easy to put in place. She talks about other foods that you can eat as fertility foods, like brazil nuts for hubby, spinach etc. While we are on the subject, get your oh on a supplement too, if he isn't already. Zinc is the obvious choice, but recently I found a man version of the Pregnacare tablets, so hubby is on those now.

    It is so frustrating that we can't just get pregnant on demand isn't it? I was so laid back about it before my mmc, and now I am so worried I will never conceive again! I know rationally that I will, but it is so easy to get obsessed about it isnt it?!

    Take care
  • Hi Amy,

    I'm on a serious mission too with January being the 1st month we can try again after ectopic.

    I LOVE my cbfm, it's without doubt the best thing that I bought. I like to be in control of my life and this little gadget helped me get a bit back. I know exactly when I ov as I found the ov kits weren't that accurate for me. When I got my cbfm i found out i ov a lot later than I thought. It takes away all the guess work.

    I take pregnacare (much cheaper in superdrug) as it has everything you need in it. Hubby takes multi vitamins and omega 3. The main one the men need are zinc and vitamin C.

    I also use Zestica. I use the spray when not that fertile and when I am fertile I use the internal zestica. It's really natural and can put it in before you get started so not a passion killer.

    I got a bfp the month I started with cbfm and zestica so keeping my fingers crossed it does the same agin, but in the right place x x
  • Thank you ladies,

    Mafia I think January is definately our month ( and obviously moonandstars tooimage and my body has been waiting for you so we can be preg together again.

    To be completely honest it's probably not a bad thing that I hadn't fallen pg straight away as my mind was all over the place and I now know that I wouldn't have been ready, but I know that I am now and just desperate to get back on track.

    I will buy a CBFM for next month, I was too late for this month.

    I've got some CB ov sticks though (??20!!!!!! Had no idea they were so expensive!).

    I'll also be following SMEP and taking EPO up until ov.

    Off to google Zestica! xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Amy

    If your gettinga cbfm look on amazon or ebay for the sticks, I get mine from amazon & only pay about ??12.

    Good Luck xx
  • hi Amy,

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be in control and planning everything. This is first big thing that I cant control at all and its driving me crazy!

    Im still learning about the OPK and what to take (see my other topics - some of the girls and posted some great advice on there). What im doing atm is taking pregnacare and Im also looking for some male version tablets for hubby (he is also on a drinking ban - eventhough its his bday next week!). I will also be getting some Zestica for when we start ttc'ing again (hopefully in feb!)

    good luck hun

  • Hi Amy,

    Would be lovely if we fell pregnant at same time again! I know how you feel about being ready now. After I lost our bean I was desperate to try again straight away but looking back I was in no fit state to start again so the break has done me good!

    Like Laura said, get your cbfm sticks from amazon - much cheaper.

    I am due to ov 16th Jan so currently training hubby up to mass produce sperm in preparation!

    I love Zestica, think the internal ones prob more useful around ov time and can "insrt" before you get going so no awkward pauses! x x
  • I took evening primrose this time from AF to ov time. not done that before, and got bfp, but a few other little differences too. so who knows what made the difference this month.
    but i used to take EPO continuously before ttc as it really helped my skin loads, so as long as you stop at ov time can't see it will do any harm, and you may end up with a glowing complexion in the meantime.
  • Hi hun,

    I also use a CBFM and LOVE it and couldn't be without it. It gave me my BFP first cycle of using it last time, so hopefully it will do this time too!

    Good luck

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