What the heck is going on?????

Hello ladies

I need some help, again!!

On Monday I posted a rather excitable post after I "thought" that my AF had arrived. Well here I am now on Tuesday and I don't think that it is AF..... I had a MMC on 10th October and so have been expecting AF any time now really.

So far the only thing I've had is blood-tinged CM (sorry for TMI) which I expected would turn into a period but it hasn't!!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me, could it be implantation bleeding (we have been "actively" trying since the MMC) or have others experienced light periods after their MC??

Many thanks, Lisa xxx


  • could be either. I had implantation bleed when I was pg before the mc. was some pinky coloured mucus.

    my AF after MC was horrid, there was no warning just sudden very very heavy blood, but some of the other ladies have had spotting before their first MC arrived.

    have you done any tests yet?

  • Hi Gem

    I did a test on Friday as I was getting impatient about AF arriving, I felt as soon as she did I could put a full stop on the MC experience and try and move on. Either that, or if I was pregnant that would of course be even better!! The test was negative.

    My body is sending me alsorts of signals at the moment, I was 100% certain that I was going to get my period yesterday but since then, nothing but pink CM when I go to the loo. God I'm so confused!!!
  • i also have AF right now. the first sence our MC on oct.22 and it is horrible tons of cramps and bleeding so?? cant say? maybe implantation?
  • hi lisarb
    sort of jumping on your band wagon here but i'm so glad i'm not the only one. on friday it will be 4w since mc so was expecting af to show up from this week onwards. on monday and tuesday i've had light pink or brown spots in mucus. sorry tmi. i thought that she was on her way but nothing. i also feel odd. i am peeing loads. keep having baby dreams. feel sick infront of fried food and have heart burn and burps. i did a test today which was negitive also. maybe i want it to much so i'm seeing things but i am confused. sorry this hasn't offered you any advice but you are not alone. good luck
  • Hi Kat - Thats why I love this forum as you get to speak with people who understand how you feel image

    I woke up this morning feeling different, and am pretty certain that its my AF as I've had craming and have started to bleed rather than spotting.

    In one way I'm pleased as at least I now know that my body is "working" again properly and I can start TTC again when the bleeding has stopped. I soooo want to be a mummyimage

    Good luck to you xx
  • glad AF seems to have arrived for you. After MC is the only time you're ever pleased to see AF I found - you feel like it's really over and your body at least is starting to function normally again. hope you feel that way, and you get your BFP soon!
  • Hi Gems - Yes I do feel like I can put a "full stop" at the end of all the heartache that we went through with the MC, and start to move on and concentrate on the future by TTC again. My hubby had better be resting himself this week!! I'm going to try the ovulation POAS things this month to see if they help us to conceive quickly. Although last time we starting trying July and i was pregnant by the end of August which was very quick. Lets hope its the same this time xxx
  • go for it. i want to know one way or the other and i'm getting impatient now. ov test sticks are bogof in superdrug at the mo which is a bargin. we are so similair its crazy. i had the coil removed end of july and fell at end of august. maybe its a good thing as you supposed to be very fertile after a mc. did you have a d&c if you don't mind me asking as its supposed to make your womb sort of refreshed and very sticky which is what we all want. good luck, pma and loads of hugs
  • Hi Kat - I know exactly how you feel, waiting is the hard part isn't it. On one hand you hope you've caught on pregnant quickly, on the other hand you want AF to arrive so you want to know one way or the other!! We've all been through some pretty rubbish experiences with MC's, I had a MMC so had to idea there were any problems til I had my scan so I was devastated as it was such a shock.
    I came off birth control a while ago to give my body a "rest" as I had been on the pill for about 10 years!! Me and my hubby used other protection, and decided in July to start trying for a baby. I found out on August 31st that I was PG, and on October 1st we had an early scan and found no heart beat. I decided to have the medical management by pessaries (you take one tablet and then are admitted to hospital for the day 48 hours later to have further tablets administered.) Ideally I wanted the D&C but had to wait a few more days and by that point I just wanted it to be over with so that me and my hubby could move on.
    Thanks for the tip about BOGOF at superdrug, i will definately be down there at the weekend!! Do you know anyone who has used/uses them, the clearblue ones are BOGOF at boots at the moment but are more expensive.
    Good luck to you too hun, I will certainly be posting on here when I get my BFP and I hope you hear from you too! Lets hope we both get an early Christmas prezzie :0)
    Take care, Lisa xx
  • thanks lisa
    my mate uses the superdrug ov tests. unfortunately she has has mc's and is now undergoing fertility treatment but did get clear results with them before hand. you found out on the same day we did. how funny. I'm still waiting here. had a bfn yesterday but maybe its to early to tell as i don't know my cycle. i keep symptom spotting which doesn't help but i want it so much. i think i might do a test again on Sunday if af hasn't arrived. other than that I'm just trying not to go to crazy or buy up shares in first response! i read that bding every other day works best if you can manage it. at least for the two weeks either side of ov. hope we both get what we want. I've been a very good girl so Santa should be on my side.
    hugs and loads of pma
  • Hi Kat - I'm sure AF won't be too far away, otherwise you'll have a BFP which would be even better!! image Did you test again yesterday, how did you get on?
    Fingers crossed we both get a BFP for Christmas!!
  • hi lisa
    i did test and it was negitive and to top it off i have a v.nasty cold and fever. i have had nothing since the spotting so i'm lost to what is going on. i might try again in the week if nothing happens. today i have strange shooting pains in my boobs but that could be coz i'm ill. we shall see
    thanks kat
  • good luck on your christmas pres. as im am hoping for the same gift! image
  • Sorry to hear your not very well Kat, hope you get better soon. Keep me posted when you get BFP!!

    Gussie - I've officially written to santa to ask for a BFP for Christmas, so I'll put a good word in for youimage

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