FAO yummymummy1989

I have popped over just to say i have just seen your reply on 2ww syptoms in ttc,and well they all sound very good syptoms to me. I really hope its your month for that BFP even if its not mine(cry!).
I first realised i could be pregant, with Sienna when i spotted the dark rings around my nipples as that was a big give away for me so i did a test a well you know the result as you have seen her on many a times. Loads of love GOOOOOODDDD LUUUCCCKKKK p. s your as bad as me i was meant to test 2day but moved it forward to yesterday!Willpower required.....x


  • Lol u make me laugh holly!!! did u get my text yesterday!??? has your AF arrived??... im going to get some tests 2moro and im going to try and wait til wednesday at least lol! il text you and let you know image lunch next week yes?!!! cant wait to see you and sienna agen its been too long haha! take care love u lots!!! xxx
  • Yes i got the txt soz i 4got to reply. Anyway still no af and the period pains have gone so god only knows what my body is doing,am gonna give it a couple more days to show then test again.Whats test are you gonna get,make sure you get more than one lol me thinks a twin pack is a must!Sienna and I are very much looking forward to lunching with you next week,fingers crossed we can chat about your BFP.....x
  • ooooo could be good news for you then hun!! apparently the superdrug cheapies are sensitive ones!!! il get two of them and two clearblue digital for if i am pregnant.... guna be an expensive month haha!!! looking forward to chatting to ya next week at lunch babe!! il text ya 2moro or weds and let ya know my result!!! image xxx
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