Do I or don't I ...

... test tomorrow?

Tomorrow, Sunday, i will be at least 12 dpo and 14 dpo MAX! I have had lots of symptoms but another month i convinced myself i was pg but AF showed up... i'm just debating that if i get a BFN at least its sunday so i can be miserable with DH and pick myself up again ready for next week (and facing work with my pg colleague... hhhmmmm) but if i dont and AF shows up on Mon/Tues when shes due that i will have to suffer in silence...

Come on girls what shoudl i do!? :\? xxx


  • Hi flower,

    hmmmmmm - if it was me, I would test!!

  • Oh it's a tough one! You so want to test so I say just do it or you'll drive yourself mad otherwise!

    I'm a bad influence! x x
  • Personally I'd test but I don't get too upset by BFN as there is always still hope til AF!!
    I had same dilemma this weekend, started spotting on Thu (CD23 if you count mc as CD1) which I don't normally do with AF so wondered if it could be implantation.... so tested and got BFN but only 13 DPO so decided if still only spotting Fri am would test with FMU...
    So Fri am nothing on pad so POAS then wiped and... hahaha full flow! PML what a waste of a test eh!!
    Altho I was a bit disappointed I had actually regretted ttc before waiting for first AF and it has had quite a lot of very dark almost blood clots in it so I think it was for the best.
    Sorry I've hijacked your thread here!!
    Good luck whichever you decide!
  • I'd definitely test tomorrow, fingers crossed!!
  • I would test too but I have no will power. Good luck xx

    You know im a bad influence so just test hun & lots & lots of luck xxx
  • Hi hun, only just seen this thread - what have you decided?????

    Jodie xx
  • morning i tested.. BFN. thought i'd be too lucky to get a BFP! well i think i'm 13 dpo but could be 12 so still early days, did use FMU and an FR and not even the faintest of lines. i know Gem's got BFN 12,13 and 14dpo and started getting faint ones at 15dpo... but i have no idea what tests she was using!!! oh well, ho hum, getting V V fed up now as it's been 6 months and this was the last go before my due date image not a lot i can do about it though!!! xx
  • Sorry hun but it is still early days xx
  • Hi,
    Truly sorry you got BFN . We all know how upsetting that feels. Keep trying hunni i think this is gonna be a good year x take care x
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