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Question about mc...a little TMI

Evening ladies,
I was just wondering what you classed as the first day of your mc? I started spotting then about 2 days later was bleeding and clotting a bit, then bled heavily with big clots a couple of days after that again, so when would you say it started? I'm wondering this as I don't really know when I would be 'due' a period, I know most people say 4-6 weeks, but I don't know if it was 4 or 5 weeks ago, if that makes sense?

Any opinions appreciated xxx


  • I bled for 2 weeks continuously. on the 2nd day of bleeding i had a scan and bean was still there with a heart beat. on 4th day started to get clots and pain. pain lasted 4 days. on 9th day had repeat scan and bean was gone. I counted the day the pain and clots started as the date of MC'ing. first AF came 33 days later.

    Hope AF comes soon, as it made me feel better, like things were startign to get back to normal.
  • hey hun, i had med management of my mc in hospital so passed bean and sac etc all on one day and just some large clots for 2 days after and then bled lightly for a few more days - i was almost 12 weeks so was glad i was in hosp! so obviously i knew which day as it was induced. Hope she appears for you, was a big mile stone in a way although obviously upsetting we didn't get another BFP inbetween xx
  • Thanks for sharing ladies, I still have no idea what's going on with me. I really hate this, I feel like I'm properly stuck in limbo land.
    Stupidly, I did hpt this morning, why did I do that to myself? I had convinced myself it was going to be positive and now I just feel miserable as it was obviously bfn. Grrr, stupid body!!!!!!
  • aw chin up hun, the limbo bit before your body starts working in sync again is really really hard, but it will happen! xx
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