Sore (.) (.) Anyone?

Just wondered if anyone had post m/c or post ERPC sore boobs?

Is it hormones getting back to normal?

I have very sore boobs at the mo and trying to work out why?

It can't be an impending AF symptom as my hCG is still high, so just wondered what you ladies had experienced.

Thanks x


  • I mentioned this to the EPU this morning and they said it is a sign of the hCG finally leaving my system. As your hCG levels make the final decline to 0-2 your body finally and oficially become NOT pg.

    Commonly women get have sore boobs, mood swings and nausea during the week this happens?
  • I had sore boobs then they stopped. Took pg test and finally got negative. Had 1st AF couple of weeks ago after ERPC - it was very heavy and lasted longer than normal. Didn't have many AF symptoms apart from very slightly sore boobs.

    I do feel better in myself now AF has come & gone - both physically and emotionally so hormones have a very big part to play in it all.
  • Hi I havnt had sore boobs but yesterday evening a felt really really sick, just like the morning sickness I had been getting, I tested on Monday and was still postivie and am desperate for a negative, am still bleeding too. Maybe (hopefully) this is a sign of my hormones coming down now too!!

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