i could really do with some support ladies

im sorry to trouble you all i could just really do with someone to talk to.
i hate to complain all the time but you ladies are all i have to turn to apart from OH and sometimes i dont think he gets it.
last few days havnt been good for me, on monday my mate who began ttc when we did had her baby and she knew we were trying, and today another friend did, really gets me down and i try my hardest not to let it. then two people who i work with brought their 5 week old babies in to work at the same time and i found it really difficult to deal with and so i said hi and then avoided them which made me feel worse.

i dont want to feel like this i hate it soooo much and want it to go away, i just need to get over things and move on. cant ttc this month due to tests i am having and i am trying to convince myself it will do me good but its not working to well!

how have other people coped?
i no my OH will want to go and see our friends baby and he will be dissapointed if i dont go and i will feel guilty but i just no i wont be able to go without leaving broken hearted. what am i going to do with myself!!?? i am a mess!!


  • my most recent mc was a couple of months ago, i also had one 2 months b4 that and i had one about 6 months b4 that also.
    it just an awful feeling and in a way it makes me wish we never began ttc just so i would never have felt like this.
  • Hey Hun, I'm feeling exactly the same! In fact I posted a topic the other day about feeling low! I seemed to be ok but in the last week I've felt awful! 3 friends of mine have recently had their babies and it's starting to take it's toll on my emotional state! I am so pleased for them but my heart aches for my baby image I just feel like I'm never going to be pregnant again! Just take it a step at a time and if you're not feeling up to visiting the baby then don't go, I'm sure your OH will understand, huge hugs to u Hun and we are all here anytime you need a virtual shoulder to cry on XXXXXXX
  • Hi Sally, big hug to you. I know how horrible you must be feeling. It just takes time, I know it's hard to see light at end of tunnel but it does come. I held an 8 day old baby on sunday and it was okay. I think you might surprise yourself at how strong you are, I'm sure your husband understands but you will eventually feel happy for your friend. It is doctors who are testing you for reasons for mc? I hope they have some answers for you soon.
  • i had loads of blood tests done at local hospital, just waiting for my appointment for results to find out if there is something rong with me, they shud b back in 2 or 3 weeks. im so scared, i really dont think i can have children and dont no what im going to do xxx
  • Hi Sally, don't think that you can't ever have children, that will upset you more. It's just that you've had little angels to look after the babies that you are going to have and it's just taking a bit more time. I know you're having tests this month and waiting for your blood tests and it must be so so difficult waiting. Why don't you and OH go away somewhere nice and try to forget about it for a few days. Have a slap up meal, food you can't eat whilst pregnant, bubbly, just spend some time together and then when you get back hopefully the hospital will have some good news for you. I hope you're feeling better soon xx
  • I wish you all the luck for great test results. I'm sure it's nothing that's wrong with you, don't think that. It might just be a horrible coincidence and you will be able to have a baby, there are lots of options I'm sure they will suggest. Chin up huncand think positive thoughts. Good luck gun, thinking about you. X
  • Hi hun,

    Please don't think you can't have children. Medical treatments are so advanced today that even should there be a major problem there's probably interventions that can be put in place to significantly reduce the risks of further mc's!

    However, you haven't had your results back yet so there's no use in worrying, although i'm sure that's easier said than done!

    I think you're due some good news and i can't wait to hear it!

    Lots of love hun!

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