Off On Hols

Hi Ladies

Well, we're off on hols tomorrow for a week, after a rough 3 weeks or so, our mmc and consequent ERPC, which was about 10 days ago now.

My cramping has eased again today and the bleeding has gone back to being light (again!), sorry if TMI!

It's so come at the right time, we both just need to get away from everything and recharge and have time out together with no interruptions. And perhaps just a little retail therapy too!! :roll:

I hope everyone is doing ok and I look forward to catching up in a week or so.

PS: Forgot to ask, where we are going, there is an outdoor hot-tub, are these safe to use, I have heard maybe not if you are pregnant,but now I am not :cry: I wonder if they are safe, ie, do they carry many infections does anyone know, especially after I have been on antibiotics for a week after picking up infection after op. Anyone have any advice? Should I get in!? I sooo want to - it would be bliss!! Help!



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