FAO MrsHx & Jodie13

Hello ladies

have been thinking about you both this week & wondered how you both are.

Jodie sure you have a scan coming up or had recently please let us know how you are doing sweetie, if it's up & coming then lots of luck.

MrsH how's everything going with the bloods ect??

Hugs to you both xxxxx


  • Hi hun *is chuffed by the FAO*!!

    Had bloods done yesterday and they have dropped, have told hospital that I want to wait another week before injection as they think it isn't ectopic but were talking about giving me the methorexate jab.

    Had quite alot of bleeding this week (this I might have also passed a cyst that they found on the scan last wk - sorry for the tmi!!!)

    So verdict is I am back at hosp next Thurs for more bloods and I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that my levels will continue to drop.

    My friend popped round tonight and bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers which was very thoughtful of her.

    How are you hun? Still bored of the 2ww??

    Hugs xxxx
  • Hi hun

    So glad you saw this, thats good news about your levels dropping. Hope you get some more good news at nxt wks appt. Thats lovely what your friend done, nothing like a nice bouquet of flowers to cheer you up.
    Keep us posted then will be keeping everything crossed & hope the bleeding eases up soon.

    By the way yep im still bored LOL on CD14 & it's soo dragging!! xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Can't wait for blding to stop, missing my nice undies which have been substituted for granny pants lately!

    Can't wait to be in the 2ww, must be better than this!!

    Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend? Take you mind of the boredom?

    Hugs xx
  • Ha ha at the granny pants!! think we all know that feeling LOL not nice. Hope it stops soon for you hun.

    Yesterday I helped my bro & his gf move house which was quite funny as they borrowed a van from someone & it turnt out to be a death trap!!

    Was supposed to bd last night but was so tired fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, was gutted as had ewcm yesterday but I got a peak today so I will be getting out the nice undies to entice oh LOL!! xxx
  • Lol @ nice undies - hope they do the trick hun!!

    We went to Ikea yesterday with the inlaws who have recently moved back here from Spain, had lovely late lunch out and then went to see a friend last night.

    Off for a carvery in a mo, no cooking for me, if I can pull hubs away from the footie! xxx
  • lol @ undies! you girls are so funny! sorry to burst in ladies but, has anyone seen jodie?? hang in there mrsH wish you luck in the upcoming appt.
  • Hi Gussie

    No worrys hun g/c away.

    no havent seen Jodie & have been wndering how she has been getting on.

    maybe between us we can keep this post bumped up in the hope she may see it. xxx
  • sorry to G/C but had to laugh at the granny pants!
    mine have just come out now! boo to no bloody tampons!
  • God that is the worst jc6563 - no tampons!

    I HATE pads with a passion!!! xxx
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