Hi Girls,

Went for blood tests a weeks ago as Dr wanted to check I wan't anaemic. Also ordered tests to check my folate levels, potassium and whether my rubella was up to date.

Called this morning for results and the receptionist wouldn't tell me! Said I had to speak to the Dr. Therefore guessing not good news as they normally tell you if it's all ok.

I know all the tests are relatively minor but I'm sat here imagining all sorts of bad things wrong with me. They said they'd call back this morning but still no call.

Think i'll try again now. Sorry, pointless post x


  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It might not be anything wrong, it might just be that the doctor wants to explain something or so. Try not to worry to much. Let us know the results, we will be thinking of you.
  • Thank you breighlin, just tried again now and the answerphone is on for lunch!

    It sounds odd but just bringing back all the feelings I had with my ectopic in september/october. Was 2 months of being poked and prodded and countless blood tests then sheer worry everytime I had to get the results.

    I think I will explain this at 1pm when I phone again so that a Dr speaks to me asap x x
  • Good luck hun, hope the GP speaks to you soon & you get some good news.xxxx
  • Hope everything goes ok for you - I know what you mean about being poked and prodded. It's very unsettling. Let us know how you go.

    Big kiss XX Sara
  • Thanks girls,

    What a fuss over nothing. The receptionist called me back and said "your bloods are all fine but we are querying your folate levels, they seem to be quite high are you taking folic acid?"

    I kid you not, this is seriously what they said, despite the fact I got my pregnacare out and they noted what I was taking and advised me to take folic acid to replace all that had been stripped from ectopic treatment.

    Good god, I thought I was ill! x x
  • :cry:hi every one im new not sure if im on the correct page but wanted some help / advice if poss??

    i found out i was pregnant in jan this year thought every thing was ok until i had my blood took and found out my baby had spina bifida and 3 days later i had a m/c i was 18wks i then left it 4 months and tried again we was over the moon. i went for a couple of scans because of pains and a little bit of bleeding but nothing to really to shout about i went for my 12 wk scan thinking every thing was ok and was told my baby had no hearth beat i was devastated. since having the scan i decided to let things happen on there own it been 3 weeks and nothing not sure whether to leave it or have the d+c ?? i do want to start again for a baby when i feel the time is write. i know im still grieving for our loss and its going to get a lot harder has its not happened yet i still feel pregnant as i haven't bleed or nothing.. thanks for your time to read this jo xx:\?:\?

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  • jo hope you don't mind, but I copied and pasted your post into a fresh thread, as not everyone might read it here, if they've already read that MP's blood tests were ok, they might not come back to the thread.

    Like I said in the other thread, so sorry to hear of your losses. I hope some of the other ladies who've had mmc's and erpc's/d+c's can give you some advice on what to do next.

  • MP glad all was well with your blood tests hun xxx
  • Thank you, feel like a complete drama queen now!

    I got a 2nd call saying consultant had answered my gp's questions, he said that he discourages vitamin tablets for women with a balanced diet as can do more harm than good??? Never heard that one before!X X X
  • yay thats good at least! i too have heard this as if you're not careful what multi vits you take and there levels you can OD on some stuff, e.g. vit c, you get a lot of this in fruit and juice anyway so if you're taking a multi vit with 100% rda of that and then eating fruit and veg ur eating more than the recommended limit! i have the sanatogen one and normal folic acid which i take daily but use the sanatogen one for days where i've eaten crap all day - usually the weekend - or if i've been under the weather cus i never feel like eating when i'm poorly. xx
  • im glad you are ok!!!
  • Hi Mafia Princess,

    I'm new on here but just wanted to say that phone call with the receptionist is ridiculous!

    I'm taking Pregnacare too. I can't imagine it actually doing "more harm than good". Maybe it's unecessary if you're eating a balanced diet, but doesn't your body just get rid of the excess vitamins? That's what they told me in A Level Biology anyway!

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