Conflicting advice...

Hi ladies,

I've just been to my doctors and he says that i should wait three cycles before ttc again! He said you're 2-3 times more likely to miscarry again if you fall pg any sooner!!

I've never heard this before and i've googled it many a time and when i asked the sonographer Friday she didn't mention any medical evidence, just said to wait one cycle just to be safe!

I wanted to get straight back into it! Surely there would not be that more fertile stage if there was a chance of miscarriage. Or why would your cycles go back to normal if your body didn't want to be pg?

Now i'm confused???:\?:\?:\?


  • i had to wait 2mths because of having a partial moler preg. but my doctor did say that she always likes her patients to wait 3mths but would be satisfied with 2mths. she told us the chance of the implantation being in the exact same spot as the mc is pretty high if you try sooner then 2mths being that your ovulation tends to switch from side to side each month. i live in u.s. however and some of our rules are diff. then the u.k so not sure where your from. we feel preg. or or third cycle and so far our baby is doing great image good luck!!

    kari & babes

  • There is a lot of conflicting advice. Gussie- I was just wondering with what your dr said-it makes sense but wouldn't that mean you are at increased risk every other month?

    We are on our second cycle after mc now and we have TTC this month-I am about 3/4dpo I think. I keep getting really scared when I read the bad stuff :\?

  • there is a lot of this diff advice with regards to this. however a few people on here have fallen pg within 3 months, some with no AF in between and are all v pg now or had babies. i don't think you're body will take to a pg if it;s not ready - thats the way i see it anyways. xx
  • OMG this has just scared the sh*t out of me. I had been thinking of ttc soon and not waiting for af. I thought the only reason they say to wait is for dating purposes.
    Now im going to be googling mad image
  • Hi ladies, After my first mmc last June i was told to wait for 3 cycles by one doc and at least 1 cycle by another. I think different people have different preferences tbh.
    I waited for my 1st cycle then was ttc and fell preg, sadly i lost that pregnancy too but the MW said it prob had nothing to do with trying again after only one cycle.
    Since our 2nd mmc we have rested lots and got ourselves physically and emotionally ready, even though i found it extremely hard each month waiting but this is our first month ttc again since my mmc in september and we have lots of PMA.

    Im sure you will be fine, do what feels right for you hun image
    Sending lots of babydust xxxx
  • Yeah that's the same as me babylove! I've googled already since my mc as I wanted to ttc straight away and nowhere did I come across this. I even asked the sonographer Friday and she said 3 cycles but didn't say there was any more chance of mc. Surely if there was any evidence the NHS would whack it in their guidelines?! And it would be standard over all services??

    In all fairness, he said there's more chance of mc and when I asked him how much more he just seemed to pluck a figure out the air!

    Gussie, if you ov from a dif overy every month would I not ov from a different one this cycle to my last one which was MC?

    I'm ovulating now I think you see and I'm not sure whether to BD. We've also upsi'd twice this cycle now?

    Argh! You find anything on tinternet babylove?
  • It is all so confusing!! The actual leaflet of advice I got from the hospital states there is no increased risk of mc should you fall pregnant before your AF. So I am pretty much taking that as fact, given it was the hosp that issued me it.

    I was advised to wait one cycle. But when the midwife explained why the tone of her voice gave away the problems they face with dating and worried ladies if you don't at least have 1 period. So it really did seem to me that it was more for their convenience and so we don't worry as much. Realistically I will be worried sick next time I am pregnant regardless if it's this month (we haven't waited for AF) or in 6 months!

    If anyone can find some info to back up waiting for reasons of reducing risks please let us know. I have spent hours/days googling!!


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  • I think the only advice you should listen to is the stuff that is in your own head, if you feel ready to try again and your body is letting you by getting back to a normal cycle, then you go for it.......

    What will be will be, many women have had health babies conceived straight after a MC and others not..... I really believe in fate around this, when it is your turn you will have a healthy nine months and a lovley little one to show for it afterwards, no matter when you start TTC.

    I thought about this for the last three months ang got myself all stressed out, which I know does not help with the TTC process, just relax and go with what feels right for you and your OH.:\)
  • Hi Lady when I had my mc in march the lady at the epau told me I could go home and try straight away not that we did for obvious reasons but we did start trying as soon as bleeding stopped, she also said they only recommend you wait a cycle is for dating purposes!! It can also depend on how far gone you are, I was always searching for info on the net about it and and it scares the bloody shit out of you, and like you say the info is very conflicting and its all talk, I say follow your heart xx
  • Hi G/C from Due in August.

    I got pregnant 10 days after the last day of bleeding following a mc at 12 weeks and had no problems whatsoever. I am now nearly 30 weeks pregnant. It was a complete surprise and didn't expect it to happen. The consultant told me that there was no issue with it all after a straight forward spontaneous mc except for dating issues but I just had an early scan to resolve that.
  • Oh this is great to hear ladies!

    Congratulations on your healthy pregnancies!

    I guessed it weren't standard NHS advice given that the sonagrapher didn't say that and that you ladies have gone on to ttc!

    We bd'd anyway so fingers crossed image

    Good luck ladies
  • i really dont know lady, thats just what the doc's had told us? like i said we fell preg. on our 3rd cycle so we fell preg. actually after our 2nd cycle and so far everything is great. i too agree that your body would not acept an egg if you were'nt ready. good luck hun! its all so confusing
  • I had my scan to confirm the miscarriage and the nurse said they like you to have AF first but for dating reasons. She also said that a lot of women are quite fertile after a miscarriage and get pregnant quite quickly???

    I think we are going to start trying straight away again....
  • Yep we've gone for it ladies. I work for the NHS and I asked one of our midwives and she said there's no evidence to suggest there's any further risk of miscarriage!

    I really hope I get my BFP this month so I can go back to my doc and say in your face!! Can't believe he lied to me, you would think that being a doctor the only advice he can give should be factual but apparently not!

    Good luck ladies
  • Great news hun. They might be doctors but still all have their own opinion which im sure they should keep to themselves :evil:
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