Fingers Crossed November! (cont from Anti Testing Oct)

Hi guys, hope you like the new luckier title! Here is the old thread for catching up on

But thought it would be easier to start a new one so we don't have to go through 19 pages of our old waffle before adding more waffle lol! please give me your new testing dates if you know them and I will add them on.

Mrs Pies 3rd Nov - BFP congratulations!
Jodie13 6th Nov
Rocky 8th Nov
Beccaroo 11th Nov
L&N 13th Nov
Kirgem 13th Nov
Blessedbeauty 27th Nov

Radkad, Emily and PurpleGherkin are using a method I am unfamiliar with this month - its called willpower lol so will wait for a firm testing date from them. Mucho admiration for this you three!

Good luck ladies!


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  • Hi ladies i was wondering if i could join you guys this month, i am CD 14/15 today, so hopefully OV will be v soon and will be trying my best not to test before time (even though i have some in the house already from last time!)

    Hope this is ok?

    Jodie xx
  • good luck to all you lovely ladies! xxxxxx
  • Hi girls,

    There seems to be quite a thread here that i've missed somehow! Do you mind if I join you?

    I think I'm about 3DPO now due to obvious signs of OV but I'm no expert and could be completely wrong as this is 1st cycle since mc and haven't even had af in between. So, could test from about 8th Nov but am tempted to try and wait an extra 2 weeks so if I am pg I will find out near 6 weeks and won't have a long wait to point when i had mc. Sounds stupid but just seems sensible not to get hopes up too early!

    Figure if I don't get BFP this time I have bought a CBFM to start next month!!
  • Hi all, do u mind if I join u all?

    I will be testing around 13 november.

    Good luck all xx
  • Good luck all! I'm not sure when I'll be doing this myself, but I hope you all get your BFP's quick sharpish! xxx
  • Good luck all! I'm not sure when I'll be doing this myself, but I hope you all get your BFP's quick sharpish! xxx
  • oohhh thats it start a new one - i havent even finished the old one! lol not testing til next week! lol, ok so in the event that i do have to test again after next week i'll be looking at approx Dec 10th... going on my length of cycle this time :-S... hoping the next one will be shorter though... so not technically november for me but i knwo you guys will let me stay! xx
  • Hellooo!!
    I will be testing on the 3rd november. Haven't done any opks this month but according to my cycle I ov'd yesterday but I think I had ov pains on sunday. Really really want a sticky bean this time.

    Fingers crossed to everyone xx
  • right going need to bit the bullet and set a date for testing, my cycles are 28-30 days usually so don't know whether to test on Nov 5th or Nov 7th, I think that Laujai and Lottie&Neve are queens of setting dates so whish one does everyone think?

    PS wishing everyone the best of luck this month, chucking buckets of baby dust at this thread!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Hi All,

    Not been on for a while - think with toothache that then turned into root canal surgery on Friday have had no PMA and felt down and convinced myself the trauma of the dentist would make this month a washout - silly thoughts we have eh!!!

    Still on the 2ww now and should be testing around the weekend of the 30th Oct (so not quite Nov for me!!!!)....but emilyjh I feel the same as you and think I might want to try and hold out and not test til a bit later as like you say be nearer 6 weeks but don't think would have the will power LOL.

    Hope everyone is OK and wishing you all the vesy best of luck.....loads of baby dust for all. xxx
  • Good Luck everyone. As most of you know we are not ttc at the moment as are having tests for recurrent mc, so I am mainly just here to join in the fun & keep you all from testing early LOL!!! Jodie I think you should test 7th Nov. Good luck again everyone xxxx
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you don't mind me joining you all. Thought Id join in to help keep up the PMA and also to make sure you all keep to your test dates!!

    Emily + Radkad - I reckon its a good idea to leave the tests to as late as poss. As you know I got my BFP this month straight after mc. Did 2 tests around time AF would normally be due (normal cycle CD28) and got BFN. Then on CD39 got my BFP!!

    I'm keeping everything crossed for all you girles!! Sending buckets and buckets of sticky baby dust and PMA!! XX
  • Thanks hun!! Yeah, I know it will be hard not testing after the 2ww but to be honest I can't bear the heartached this sooon of getting BFN - would rather af turn up. If it doesn't after i've reached 6 weeks since mc then i'll test and by then will be 6 weeks pg, meaning i'll get an early scan soon after. not sure i could cope knowing and not being scanned as i'll be so paranoid!

    thanks for all your brilliant support! you're all amazing!
  • Hiya,

    Like a few others girls here this is my first cycle after mc so it could be a bit out. Going by my cycle of 28-30 days I think I'll be due AF about 7th/8th Nov - I might test around then, but I might leave it a little while too as I feel exactly the same as you Emily: would rather get af than BFN.

    Good luck everyone! image
  • evening lovely ladies! For those of you that don't know, I'm meant to be a lucky mascot for this thread - I haven't had an ectopic or mc, I just followed L+N into here and you all seem so lovely I thought I'd stay! I'm on CD33 today and tracking BBT shows no sign of OV yet - grrr!

    REALLY hoping this thread will have some luck!

  • ooh good idea L+N, I kept forgetting which page I was up to on the old thread. And we have newbies to join our gossip - hooray the more the merrier!

    for anyone who doens't know me I had an MC 5-6wks ago. had one AF since. using cbfm for the first time. today is my 2nd high day with that. Although I quite understand why you girlies wnat to leave things a bit longer, I always test on cd28 as I need to know asap if I get preg so I can stop doing dangerous things at work like x-rays etc.

    this thread's gonna be lucky. I am full of PMA as highs on cbfm, and me and hubby are off fri/sat/sun - plenty of time for BD'ing!!! image
  • Hello everyone,
    Good to see some new people in here as well as our lucky mascots Glimmer and Fergy! Not to mention Dr Laujai who will be policing the early testing and providing photos of her new puppy lol!

    For anyone using a CBFM, how many highs do you normally get before a peak?

    Gemgems hooray on the highs - you be in the 2ww very soon!
  • Evening girlies

    We aren't ttc until December, but I wanted to say a massive GOOD LUCK to everyone due to test this month. And also a massive DON'T TEST EARLY!
    I will be checking up on you :\) .

  • This thread is rocking, we'll have a little flame sign soon!!

    I said to DH the other day that tho he teases me for being on here all the time, that I would have gone mental without the forum this last month. He just laughed at me and tickled me and told me I was already mental - lol !! These threads do keep me sane tho.

    off to BD, see you tomorrow image
  • Got my first high on the cbfm this morning!!!
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