Sorry silly question!!!!

I am due AF on Tuesday CD34. I have had some symptoms all week but still not sure if I am PG or not. I am going to test on Thursday if still no sign of AF. However I am going to Alton towers tomorrow with my family as a treat for my niece. she is only five but my mum brother and hubby are going. I love the fair especially the big rides. Will I be ok to go on them? I don't want to miss out and then get AF on Wednesday..... But don't want to risk anythin if I am pg?????????????

Would it really cause any problems so early on?:\?


  • I just relplied on the other thread hun! Sorry only just noticed this!
  • Hi hun, I went to Florida when I was pregnant 7 weeks ago and was advised to not go on the rides. All the rides should have warning signs that said "expectant mothers should not ride"
    the bars which hold you in can put pressure on your abdomen.

    My midwife said to use common sense and if it throws you about dont do it. but she did say the baby is well protected deep in pelvis at this time.

    its a tough choice to make but I decided not to and lost our angel anyway image

    good luck
  • you could always test before!!!!! xx
  • Well rocky that is what I have decided to do. Going to tesco in the morning to get a test and will lead by whatever the test says. Either way I get a happy ending that way!!!!! Will let you know the result tomorrow x
  • Oooo, good luck with the testing!! Zxx
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