Feeling rather positive this month

Evening Ladies,

Hope your all well. Just thought I would share my PMA with you all! I don't know whats wrong with me, I am never this postive, but I believe this will be my month.

I'm on CD4 and having yet another terribly heavy AF (this is my 3rd AF since MMC in March). I've been reading up on SMEP and we are going to follow this once the bleeding stops.

As last months cycle was 31 days and the one previous was 30 days, I believe next AF should be due around 25th July - we fly off on our holidays on 24th July, so I think I'm gunna leave the test at home and wait a whole two weeks when we get back to test if AF doesnt arrive...if I actually have the will power to last that long!

This was a bit of a pointless post! But good luck for July ladies and hope we get some more BFP's! :\)


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