DPO 11

Hello Ladies,

I had a mmc in March but decided to let nature take it's course (which didnt happen) and eventually had a managed misscarriage on 24th April (after 5 weeks of waiting for things to happen). I haven't had AF since then. Anyway since then (which I took as CD1) I have been taking my BBT every morning and ov'd around CD12 / 13.

Today is DPO 11 and I still have a raised temp of 36.8 (my cycle before mmc was 28 days) and a lot of creamy CM (tmi - sorry). Also around CD21 / DPO 8 I had quite alot of cramping, so bad that I could barely move (I had this with my previous pregnancy, just before I tested positive) but no other symptoms other than feeling a bit dizzy, being really thirsty and eating like I've never been fed before! Do you think I am reading to much into it or could it be that I get a BFP when I test on Friday (that's when A/F is due if I am having a normal cycle like before MMC).

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  • It's hard to tell because AF and PG symptoms are so damn similar!!

    I know when i was PG i was soooo thirsty! Felt like i constantly had a hangover!

    Good luck for Friday!
  • Thanks lady - I don't do hangovers - how did you cope! lol

    With my last pg, I didnt have any symptoms just sleeping all evening and lying awake all night!
  • I feel like I have a hangover too.... hmmm! I think I'm 11dpo but FF moved my date along so by that I'm only 9dpo.... also felt really sick last two days..
  • Well I tested DPO 12 and got a BFN but still not convinced today is DPO 14, boobs are massive, I'm very tired, has lots of dizzy spells, feeling a bit sickly and general just not my self. Still no sign of AF though, so I'm hoping I tested to early! FF is showing as DPO 15 tomorrow and recons AF should have been due today...only time will tell. OH and I have decided to test again next week if she still hasnt showed up!

    Lots of Luck to you all.
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