Any advice....

Just had confirmed that my baby is growing in my Fallopian tube, I have been advised to come in tomorrow to have methotrexate, I am so scared I might not have a baby in my future, does anyone know about this drug? :cry:


  • Hey princessbella,

    Didnt want to read and run..

    I dont know about the drug, but i'm really sorry your having to go through this

  • Hi sweetheart, so so sorry to hear this, methotrexate is used to treat ectopic pregnancies,

    I had a suspected one but turned out to be a mc.
    Mafia Princess is the girl you want, she sadly went through an ec and is a fountain of knowledge and support.

    I am sure she will be online soon hun and know she will be able to answer your questions.
    Hugs xxx
  • Thanks girls, really upset at the minute! Will keep an eye out for mafia princess xo
  • Hi hun, I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. I can't really help either as I've no experience but I found this website that might ease some of your nerves for now until Mafia logs in:

    and remember we're all here if you ever want a chat or virtual hug

  • Sorry g/c my husband was on this drug for severe back problems, it is a type of chemotherapy drug. I didnt know it could be used for ectopic pregnancies but when hubby was on this we were not allowed to ttc for 3 months from the around the time he stopped taking them, I am not sure if this is the same when it is being used to treat ectopic.
    I am sorry to hear your sad news xxxxx
  • Aww honey I know how scary it is to have to wait, massive hugs goin out to you nowxx
  • i ditto that Mafia P is the queen of knowledge with this! but i do know that u will have to wait 3 months to ttc again... so sorry hun (((((((hugs)))))) xx
  • Thanks everyone, Rosapenny, as far as I've been told won't be able to try again 4 three months, i can wait and see if it goes naturally but my tube might rupture! It I'd all very scary for me! Thanks everyone x
  • Hi princessbella. I had an ectopic in september, mine was next to my ovary. I'm so sorry for what you are going through.

    I too had methotrexate and I consider myself fortunate that I could have it (you can only have if your hcg is under 3500) I don't know how much they have told you about it?

    Basically if you are taking vitamin, stop now. They often forget to tell you about that. The folic acid in them works against the drug

    The hospital will weigh you and measure you as teh methotrexate has to be ordered espcially for you. They will give you the injection in your bum and they have to wear 2 sets of gloves and use a separate sharp bin (I was alarmed by this as wasn't expecting it) You then have to have blood tests on th e4th and 7th day to check your hcg has gone down. I had to have a second dose that brought it down immediately.

    I'm sorry if I sound clinical, it's just that I was desparate to know what would happen to me as I went in totally blind.

    I would advise you to get them to give you codeine. Some people complain of no side effects and others have a lot.

    I refused pain killers to start with and it was a huge mistake for me. I had pain when I had a wee to point of fainting and generally felt very weak. Once I took the painkillers I was weak but no pain.

    I felt a tugging type of feeling where is was, again this is totally normal.

    I felt very tired and this carried on until about 7 weeks after my jabs, again this is normal.

    I'm not trying to scare you as a lot of people don't have symptoms but nobody warned me of the side effects and there was nothing to worry about with having them.. A day or 2 after the jab I felt very very low in mood and again this can be a side effect (combined with the wole trauma of this awful experience)

    I could go on and on but don't want to overload you. If you need to know anything else or just want to chat please post up or e-mail me.

    The ectopic trust was invaluable, the only people I knew would give me the right info. Forums are manned by nurses. Big hugs x x x
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