Just had great news!!

Hi Ladies

For those of you that didnt just receive a txt in my txting frenzy LOL I have just had some great news from our consultant.

Our last batch of bloods have come back the Lupus Anticoagulant for me & both our Kartoytype (genetics) have come back showing as normal.

I can not describe what a weight has been lifted from our shoulders & just hope that we have seen the last of the badluck as mc go.

Still have a follow up appt in Feb to see if I need to have a hysteroscopy as have a history of endometriosis but im feeling so much more confident now & just have a feeling that 2010 will def be the year of the baby, and as L&N said to me fingers crossed the next 2ww is the last untilwe decide to try for n.o.2!!!!

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shown us so much love & support through such an extremley difficult time, I really dont know what I would do without such a wonderful group of friends across all the forums.



  • hi ya Laujai,

    Im so glad youve had good news, you must be thrilled.

    yes 2010 will definately be the year of babies!!!

    lots of luck, love and baby dust

  • Thank you PB

    I am over the moon!!! xx
  • Oh Tink that's so lovely thank you so much hun, I feel like crying now LOL good tears though.

    I miss you girls too, I always pop over for a look in too see how your all doing but dont always post, by the way loving the fanny fit club thread!!! Was pmsl when I saw that!!!

    Thank you again for thinking of me it means alot to me & I really appreciate your lovely words.

    Hope you & bump are doing well xxxx

  • Just wanted to say how fantastic that is Laujai! I'm so thrilled for you. I am still watching your progress with great interest (not in a freaky stalker way!) as I really, really want things to work out for you.

    Here's hoping 2010 is your year for everything going to plan x
  • Thanks Makka Pakka, dont worry I stalk all the forums LOL & always Sept to se how your getting along too.

    Isnt is lovely that we all remember eachother & check on how everyone is, after reading Tink-a-belles post I went into March to see what it was about & I have never seen a due in forum do that, a post remebering all of us who had left due to mc, what a sweet thoughtful thing to do.

    We do have a lovely bunch of ladies across all the forums, hence my thanking everyone. xxx
  • Glad your results came back all clear.
    Good luck for 2010.
    Love & (((hugs)))
    nettie x
  • yyyyaaayyy! thats such good news hun! xx
  • Hi flower,

    Just wanted to say that I am soooo pleased at your great news, bet it feels like a huge weight and worry has been lifted.

    2010 is destined to be a wonderful year for all of us I know it xxxx
  • Oh Laura, I am so so so happy for you! That is fantastic news and I am so glad you have got the much needed answers.

    I think 2010 is going to be your year and when you get your bfp I am going to giving you the biggest wooo hoo I can do!

    really pleased for you! x x x
  • Thanks girls you are all great.

    Off for the group hug now!! xxx
  • Awww Lau I'm soooo pleased for you, what a huge weight offa you now!

    This is definetly your year, I can feel it in me bones image

  • Awww Lau I'm soooo pleased for you, what a huge weight offa you now!

    This is definetly your year, I can feel it in me bones image

  • I have no idea what it all means, but I am glad it is something positive! I will keep my fingers crossed that 2010 will be a great year for all of us!
  • yay fantastic news!!!!! so pleased for you hun.
  • Excellent news Laujai xxxxxx
  • Thanx ladies xxx
  • Great news xx
  • good for you laujai!!
  • Thanks girls xxx
  • Aww Laura honey that is great news it must be such a weight of your mind. All steam ahead for the year of the baby!
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