Superdrug Ovulation Tests

Hi All

I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this for me please!

I had a MMC in September, and had medical management on 1st October. My first period was 37 days after tablet treatment and stay in hospital, but since then I've had 32 days and most recently 30 days. So I guess I'm getting back to my regular cycle of 28 days, albeit slowly!!!

We are now TTC and I bought some ovulation tests for the first time. On the basis that my next period will be 30 days from the last I will be due on Tuesday 16th February. So, in theory, now should be my most fertile time so me and my hubby have been bd'ing (lots!!!! haha)

However, my question is, I haven't yet had a positive test on my ovulation tests. I've been taking the tests after work at arounf 5.30pm as the instructions say not to use first morning wee. So I'm confused!! How can this be possible?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Lisa. x


  • Hi hun

    Im sorry I havent used SD opk's, is there any chance that your peeing too late, I know some say not to use fmu, when I have used cheapies I used to pee on them about 2.30pm everyday.

    My cycles are also 32 days & I am on my 2nd peak, if youve managed to bd alot then youve probably covered all bases I would just carry on just to make sure & maybe poas for a couple more days just to make sure.

    Good Luck xxx
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