Im so annoyed with my bloody body!

I had a chemical pregnancy at end of october! Just want to start TTC again but my period is now 17 days late! WTF! Tested but BFN and doctor says nothing he will do until period is at least 6 weeks late! Just so annoyed that I'm stck in limbo! So wish I was pregnant! Xxx


  • oh hun that's rubbish! I know the feeling of waiting for it to come, it's the only time in your life that you actually want AF to come visit!! I was lucky mine was 33days after my MC. hopefully you'll get distracted by xmas and she'll be here before you know it.
  • it is def a v frustrating time! mine took 8 weeks to show her face! i was glad i tracked ov as i got that at 6 weeks after mc so was glad the last 2 weeks weren't stressing over it!!!! xxx
  • Totally sympathise! Spent the weekend waiting for af to arrive. Only 2 days late in the end, but so frustrating, so I think I would be climbing the wall if I were you! Out of interest, why did your doctor say he wouldn't do anything til 6 weeks late?
  • Oh hun thats rubbish, hope she shows up soon hun. Any chance you ov'ed later that cycle?? xx
  • Becky, I think this thread needs an update from you ;\)
  • Are you sure your not pregnant? The exact same thing happened to me and when I went to the GP to ask about when I would get my period again she did a test and it was a BFP!! I literally got pregnant straight after the mc. Buy one of the expensive tests and see what happens. Good luck!
  • she got her bfp I think, posted in ttc forum. congrats hun!!
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