Att: MrsAd

hi MrsAd

just wanted to stay on touch with you on here - as our storys are so similar.

have you had AF or BFP yet? i know you said you had a faint line last time you tested?

i'm now CD55 and no sign :0(
stay in touch & good luck
Parsnip x


  • Hi Hun,

    Sorry not replied - I've been reading the twilight books trying to distract myslef from obsessing bout ttc - but i'm back again now!

    I went to the docs last week and he has put me on hormone tablets for 10 days to try to encourage AF - I've got 2 days left so hopefully AF will be here by the end of the week!!

    How about you hun any update?? - I really hope you have had one or the other - limbo land is a crap place to be!! I'm so desperate to start trying again!xxx

  • Hi babe

    so glad they have given you something - maybe i should go to the docs - as still no sign of AF or BFP? - was going to wait for 12 weeks as thought they would just tell me to wait longer?... let me know if she turns up end of the week and then i can maybe quote you as an example.

    thanks hun x
  • I would just go - they gave me Norethisterone, it basicaly releases a high level of progesterone, the same as would happen in the last two weeks of your cycle, it thickens the womb as well, so as soon as you stop taking it your body realises its not actually pregnant and sheds the womb lining like a normal period - well thats the theory anyway.
    I've got one tablet left so fingers crossed for Thurs/friday this week!!

    I cant believe i'm getting excited about having a period, but I just hate all the waiting around.

    Do you feel like you are going to come on or anything? I'm so glad I've found someone having the exact same experience as me, I know it sounds crazy but I was getting envious of the ladies who were on CD1 - which is one of the reasons I took a break from the site. its just so hard being on here sometimes, when other people seem to go straight back to normal and we have no idea whats going on with our bodies, and dont get me wrong I wouldnt wish this on anyone, but so glad your with me chick!!xxx
  • Hi hun...

    i'm going to make an appointment with the specific doctor who seems to deal with pregnancy at our surgery that way more chance of being heard! will take the name of the drug you are on - thanks hun - soo helpful - without you and other girls on here I really wouldn't have a clue!

    No sign of anything at all at the mo :0( - are you BD'ing - if you don't mind me asking or are you waiting for first AF?

    we are still BD'ing so if no AF i will test agin on the 30th - the day before I go on hols - just incase.

    I can't remember what you said on invasion - but is it your first MC? - i assume it is - and i hope for both our sakes first and last.

    so depressing at the mo seeing all the lovely pregnant ladies with perfect summer bumps.

    i don't feel to down at the moment - had an off day a week or so ago when i just kept seeing pregnant ladies everywhere - jealous i suppose... want my own baby bump (and baby!) so much.

    keep me posted babe xx
  • Yeah we were still bding up until I started taking the norethiserone but you cant ger pg when taking that so just been having the fun stuff instead! image)

    This was my first mc I really hope I never have to go through this again, it has truly been awful and like all the other ladies on here sometimes feels so unfair. But thank god for this website!!

    I know I seem to be seeing loads of pregnant ladies everywhere and feel very envious - but hopefully it wont be too long until we are waddling along with the best of them!! I really want to be pg by christmas, thought it would be a lovely pressie to announce pregnancy around christmas time.

    Im now on day two of not taking the pills so AF should be here by end of the day or tomorrow, but no sign as yet, i'm going to be so miffed if this hasnt worked either.

    You are so good holding out until the 30th to test - I was testing once a week from CD28, How silly it seems now when I'm on CD66 and still nothing!xxx
  • Hi hun!

    any sign? really hope it worked for you hun
    (ps i'm CD 68 now and nothing)
  • Hi Hun,

    Oh chick, I can't believe that you are still waiting - have you been to your docs yet or done a test - you never know you could have just ovulated really late?

    Yes it worked I'm now on CD3 - Although have been reminded by dr today that this is not a 'proper' period and we will only know if it has really worked if I get my next AF within 6 weeks - that put a bit of a dampner on it but I live in hope!!

    I really hope something happens for you soon - keep me updated!!xxx
  • hi babe
    posted separately but wanted to let you know personally......

    Sadly my doc is not as nice as yours! - they won't even look at me until am at 3months past MC and just told me its completely normal and that i should relax and not worry! - and that I have actually only missed 1 period! - she took bloods 'to put my mind at rest'!!

    gutted (

    i'm going on hols next week though so am looking on positive side that a bit of R&R might bring on AF and we might conceive while we are away! wishful thinking i know! - on the plus side i can have a drink or two.

    will keep you posted!
    love parsnip xx
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