Dont become obssessed - that is what I keep telling myself.

Hey girls, as usual I come and go on here....sometimes just for a read of where everyone is up to and sometimes to try and get through bad days. I feel that they are further apart now so time and feelings are moving along for me.
I had my MC in January and started TTC as soon as my first AF arrived. I think I am now on cycle day 33 or 35 and wondering whether the feelings I am having are pregnancy feeelings like the last time.

On Sunday I have some pink discharge when I wiped and assumed it was AF arriving, as yet she has not shown her face. My boobs are sore and as the week has gone on I have a lot more CM which I remember lst time saying to hubby I felt 'wet' down below. Sorry if TMI!

I am soo tempted to do a CB but I am a bit scared and feel I should make myself wait as I know I will be disappointed if I get another negative.

where is my AF!!! I was trying so hard this month and last to just let nature take its course, I even havent been doing the OV sticks, was just trying go with the flow!


  • hey

    didn't want to read and run.... sounds promising doesn't it!

    Good luck babes! Let us know

  • well girls, I am hopeless I know my body feels different so have got in from work and hubby still not home and have done a CB and got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am over the moon but reluctant at the same time.x
  • thats lovely news congrats have a great 9 months
  • Wow! Wonderful news hun congratulations xxx
  • hi

    Congratulations! Very happy for you.

    I wish I could be in your position. I am 2 days overdue and all the tests (including blood test) are negative so far. But, until AF shows up, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Anyway, enjoy your BFP and all that it will bring.

  • hey congrats!!!
    i thort it wud be a BFP when u said the symptoms!
  • congratulations xx
  • jc I am soo pleased to hear this! I hope seeing we came here at the same time we will leave at the same time too! I am 6dpo but not too hopeful but you never know! Enjoy preparing to be a Mummy!!!
  • my fingers are crossed for you muffin and hope you are coming out at the same time as me also!
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