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I really thought we'd done it.....

AF was due on weds but didn't arrive and temps stayed high. I was so excited and managed to resist testing as I wanted to make sure I def got two clear lines instead of umming and ahhing about whether or not I could make them out. By friday I was convinced I was preg- high temps, no AF, achy boobs, increased CM. OH and I were so happy and looking forward to testing on sat morning. Then on fri night got the smallest amount of brown cm, so panicked a bit but it didn't really seem to come to anything, and I have never spotted before AF in the past. Yesterday again, little bits of brown cm but only occasionally after going to the loo. did a test on sat morning when AF was 4 days late and got a resounding BFN. I was gutted. needless to say, was going to test again this morning but AF beat me to it. temps have only gone down a little bit and my lp has gone from a usual 10 days to 14 days? I didn't think it was meant to change? I was wondering whether I might have had a chem preg? or whether m/c has mucked up cycles and affected lp? I'm so gutted I won't get a baby this year, I really thought we'd done it.

one consolation is that I have my appointment through for the fertility consultant in about 2 weeks time so I can start discussing things with them and hope for some progress. since coming off pill a year ago cycles have been 130, 50, 47, and 73 days- its bloody ridiculous!

sorry for the rant- feeling pretty crap xx


  • Oh littleb i'm sorry. I was convinces we'd done it last month too. Has more "symptoms" that when I was actually pregnant!

    Hopefully your appointment will take you further forward so you can feel more control over what's going on x x
  • I am sorry for how you feel. image I know how it feels to think you have done it only to know that af is really late and no pregnancy. Must say that I normally have no symptons with my pregnancy's, so I try not to read anything in symptons I might have. but it is difficult not to read anything in them.

    After my mmc my cycles went from 28 days to 32+ so I think a mc can affect your cycles and mess them up. Don't know if it can actually change lp, but it would not surprise me. It also could be that you had a chemical pregnancy.
    (tmi: with mine I knew it after I had a positive test, but also knew it because I had a big purple/blue clot in my period)
  • Hi,

    Miscarriages can really upset cycles -there are different hormones levels at th ebeginning of the new cycle.

    Luteal phases tend to be fairly regular but its not unusual for people to vary from a 10-14 day luteal phase especially with the stress of TTC.

    Goo luck with your appointment -take your BBt charts with you they can pick up problems by looking at the temp profile.

    Take care
  • Hugs!!!
    I also felt we had done it this month so it was a real blow when AF arrived a day earlier than I was expecting.
    I am gutted it means no baby for 2010 for us but as hubs says it will be lovely to be going into 2011 with hopefully a bun in the oven.
  • I've picked myself up and dusted myself down a bit since this morning. reminded myself of all the good things that are happening for me just now and trying to focus next time. The consultant won't know what's hit them when I turn up armed with a years worth of bbt charts and a list of questions as long as my arm!! ; )

    thanks so much for your replies- it really is so good to have you ladies to turn to xxx
  • Littleb
    Glad your feeling a bit better lovely.

    Good luck at your appt hun, when you take your list of Q make sure you have a pen & pad just incase you want to take noteson what they say as well, always found that helped.

  • Littleb pleased you are feeling a little brighter today! I know how frustrating irregular cycles can be! Please post what your consultant says! Good luck! xx
  • Glad you are feeling a little better today, good luck at your appt. Take care. Zxx
  • Glad your feeling better sweetie, here's to a 2010 bubs image

  • Glad your feeling a little brighter huni xx
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